Saturday, November 20, 2010

im home now..

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at last i home..haha..n u noe what last nite journey was da most terrible one i've ever had before as its rain's feel like my spirit went out from my body..arghh..i felt totally me..
.n da airplane move vigorously to the left n right..upside n down..i whispered "Ya Allah..bantulah hamba-Mu ini..harap2 kami semua tiba dan mndarat dgn selamat"

few minutes later, da flight attendance anounced dat we will be landing thankful i am..Allhamdullilah..all praise to Allah..

during da journey im really sleepy u noe..luckily i didnt fell asleep on otherz shoulder..haha..there was a boyz sat beside me..huhu..n u noe what..not even a words comes out from my mouth..owh how boring i am..wish there wud be sumone to talk to me..haha..n u noe wht..there's a cute baby who sitting to da nex line..she was so cute n i owez play wif her if she see me..haha..she was a gud baby gurl as she did not crying on da whole journey..yes..she did..if not..wonder how its goin to wif other kids which running2 inside da airplane..n others baby who are crying..oh..its chaotic u noe..everybody keep talking nonstop wif their own language..n dis is da first time i experienced situation like dis...

huhu..after landing..i went to toilet n touch up  a little bit coz my hair was messy..huhu..then went to took my luggage..then went home..during da journey to home its rain heavily and owh daddy cud u see da afraid..totally..i dunno how many times daddy ride in da wrong path..n we got bath..haha..syukurla smpi juak bndr..haha..then went to eat..walk around tawau for a while n went home...unpacked..


Friday, November 19, 2010


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Butterflies..(take some moment to read this^_^)

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Sometimes the struggle has a purpose.........One day, a small opening appeared on a chrysallis (butterflies make a chrysallis and moths make a cocoon);a person sat and watched for the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole.

Then, it stopped and did not appear to be making any  progress.It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could and it could not go any further.So the person decided to help the butterfly: With a pair of scissors, the person opened the chrysallis.The butterfly then emerged easily.But it had a withered body, it was tiny and had shrivelled wings.

The person continued to watch, expecting that, at any moment the wings would open,enlarge and expand, to be able to support the butterfly's body, and become firm. It never happened!In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life  crawling around with a withered body and shrivelled wings. 

It never was able to fly. . . .What the person, in sincere kindness and  goodwill, did not understand was that the restricting chrysallis and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening, were the One's way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings, so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the chrysallis. 

                               are exactly 
                                        what we need 
                                                    in our life.

If God allowed us to go through our life  without any obstacles, would  cripple us. We would not be as strong as we could have been. We would never be able to fly.

I asked for Strength...
And God gave me Difficulties to overcome and to strengthen me. 

I asked for Wisdom.. 
And God gave me Problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity...
And God gave me enough Brain and Brawn  to work

I asked for Courage...
And God gave me Obstacles to overcome.

I asked for Love...
And God gave me Troubled people who were ready for help.

I asked for Favors...
And God gave me Opportunities. 

                                I received 
                                     nothing I wanted...But I received 
                      I needed.

Live life without fear,confront all obstaclesbe convinced that you can overcome them.The World is a gift for that you, too, may spread your wings

Thursday, November 18, 2010

19th nov 2010

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yes..tomoro i will goin back to my sweet hometown..huhu

cant wait to go home n meet my parents n dearest sista..muahx..^_^
i oredi packed all my belongings that i shud bring back..
n oso i oredi bought many things to them such as clothes,shoes n any others la..
they must feel hepy to see it kan..

n tomoro oso my sis in law birthday..26 years old oredi
HAPPY BDAY KAK AINUL..n i love you juz like my own sista..
felt thnkful to hv u as my sis in law..
n u noe what..u r so pretty la..heehe..honest,,^_^
i hope u n my along will be happily ever after n cheer with gud sons..
n take care of da baby inside ur stomach now..^_^

n u noe what.. i oso felt like sumtin missing jz after i leaved da kolej..
i start to miss everything there..
my frenz..
my bed..
my toilet..
my room..
my stoberi..
my lect..
my classes..
my books..
my pencil box(luckily i bring it home)
my calculator
my enthusiasm while study..
my food stalls..
my soon hin..
n ofcoz miss my BIKE
n after i go back to tawau..i will seldom on9..or mybe not at all gonna miss u my blog..
n oso miss to on9 my chat wif my frenz..
aiyak...but its okey as long as i with my family...

okey to be precise..
my flight : AK5154
date: friday,19nov2010
time: 1535
arrive: 1825

i wish my flight will not be delay..
huhu..n i hope my journey goes smoothly...
okey..pray for my safety..amin..^_^


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SO MUCH....+_+

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i miss you

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i realize that i miss you so much...
u oredi went far away....
n cant see each other for a long period of time..
what shud i do..
pray dat everytin gonna be fine..
pray dat u will not forget me..
if i can say i miss you..
however i cant...
and im afraid to say that words..
coz u never say it to me..
do you miss me or not..
y i end up being like dis dear..
cud u cheer me up like before..
i hv lost my spirit n the place where i hope on..
u killin me by the way you treat me..
did you love me..or am i just like a little sis to you..
u r differ from anyone else that i hv met before..
when u're with me..i felt like fly in the air..
n if only i can tell you dat i..
i miss u a lots...+_+
its already enough for me...

(just a creation..^_^)(xkena mengena dgn yg hidup ataupun mati)

i love you FRIENDS

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Monday, November 15, 2010

confuse day 2

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and da story begin..after we reached to chowkit..i n ain went out to get da ticket for monorel n once again we fight for sumtin..ain said dat we shud buy monorel ticket to imbi but whats come out from my mind..i said no la..we shud by hang tuah..n only then we can reach direct to da times square..ain showed up her confuse face again..haha..funny when look at her doin dat again n i did buy tickets for hang tuah for both of us which cost rm4.10 i guess..n da journey to time square begin..

eyh ain..dis is time square kn..but our tickets went to hang tuah..oh my fault again.."kn ain dah ckp..itulah ain rasa pelik..erin ni biar betul...nahh rugi udah.."'hehe sorry ain..oh my God..i oredi bought a wrong ticket..n what ain told me are true n i shud buy ticket to imbi..huhu..wasting my money..but its okay..n then we just stopped by da imbi..we went out..pray dat our ticket will be accepted..thx..coz it available..if not..wonder how is it goin to be..haha..2 unwanted incidence just fault i whispered..huhu...

we entered da TS..walking around..n then we went to mcd to have our vanilla last i will kill u up..haha..ain went to order n im waitin for her..n after waitin for few minutes..our burger2..arrived..time to kill it..oh..but ain didnt bought my vanilla shake..pure dare u ain..but its okay,i will buy it later..ate our lunch rapidly..n talking bout sumtin interesting n ofcoz about her..u noe who..u dont noe??u dont hv to noe la..haha..

after eat..we went to find da bag which i want to leg hurts as i wear da stoberi shoes..its tight..ain said dat its hurt coz i hvnt bite it..huhu..for all dis time..i neva evva bite my shoes b4 wear it..myths..hehe..n we found dat cost Rm36.90..too expensive i said..n ain said dat..we shud go around more to find da better one..n i said okay..without thinking bout da problem of getting more last i cant found it la....aiyo..n im too tired to went back for da first shop td..huhu..n its okay la..we went la to BB after dis..on our tawaf at Ts..ain oredi bought 2 kemeja..wif only rm5o in her pocket..da kemeja cost RM19 n RM13...hehe..n she oso hv eat mcd kn..such a gud budget dear..n mine bought 5 shirts..which cost..RM64 for all..hehe..tell me what you it worth..ofcoz la worth kan...aiyo its hv been so long i didnt went to shopping okay la..theres sumtin useful i buy..^_^

then..we want to go out..ain..where was da exit..we shud look on da map..huhu..where is the map..i didint know where was the exit to go to BB..hehe..its okay coz im not belong here..however da confius girl oso dont noe..what the butterfly??haha..looked n searched for da exit at da map n we belong nowhere..huahua+_+...up n down..up n don..where was it dear??send msj to ejump n asked him where was the exit...he laugh n tell me dat i shud go to da 1st level n after seein ROMP...there must be a way out..but before dat we oso had asked da workers there n she oso told da same..n what a shamed...haha..yeay..we managed to went out..however its rainy-rainy day..hoho..but just went through la..acidic heavy metal poisonous rain at the middle of KL town..haha..polluted rain had affected our skin..mine for most coz ain wear tudung..sick2..however it will not happen as im strong bah..huhu

few minutes later we arrived at fast we arrived...entered n went to mcd to buy my vanilla shake..such a bad situation which had destroy my dream for having da mr vanilla..rarely felt dis way..want to hv sumtin..dat are not able to get eventhough try hard..esp when it comes to food la..huhu..okey..then we walk around if theres might be a luck for me to get da bag i not..if i jz bought td at TS kn...then ain said dat she was too tired...n i felt pity for we went out..however we secondly cud not find da way out...n im anxious..huh..what we gonna do..we walked but owez meet da same place again n again..haha..gormless..too long at there.n finally we managed to go,,haha,,,what a day..seems like we were foreigner from surabaya n belgium ya..haha...

then we bought ticket for titiwangsa..arrived there..we took da taxi n last we HOME....da journey end...however..theres still lots more to go...HOSTEL CHORES...

eventhough we were tired walking around but its fun coz it is a gud way of realeasing stress n a gud way to slim my ms tummy dat goin to be ms dut-dut..haha..n we hv finish our exam on dat apalagi kasi happy itu fun went out with you ain..i love it..hopefully next time we went out together again ya...

wait at confuse day 3....daaaa^_^

what a confius day..+_+

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haha...hahaha..laughing..laughing...cant stand for it..u noe y...let me tell you da story of
"WASTING TIME BY WALKING AROUND KL''...n u noe what..just after finished da exam..we doin our laundry..prayers..bath..and some other chores..then after eat all those up we prepared to went out la..waited at the bus stand patiently..n here it goes...

Ain  :erin..mau nek bus ka kita..
Erin  : yala jadi jimat juak duit kita..naik bus U 6 atau m11 kan
Ain   :ya..trus kita berhenti d chow kit
Erin:kau tau ka jugak chowkit dmana..yg aku ingt di atas bus itu ada monorelnya..nanti kita naik pg times square kn..
ain:yala tu..aku ingat..
erin: nah ain itu bus smpi uda...

kami pun menaiki bus itu dan daku pun mengeluarkan wang kertas rm1o  dan akhirnya......

BUS:eh turun2 nanti tunggu bus metro 11..

Ain hanya tercengang mcm dia tidak ada di situ bah....tapi kan
aku tetap menghulurkan duit itu dan melihat org dlm bus memerhatikan aku..pacik tu ndak mau jugak ambik..baru tu mukanya ndak senyum pun.....adui..malunya..aku dn ain pun turun sajalah

erin:huhuhuh..malunya knapa kita d halau..jhtnya pcik tu...ak ad duit bah jugak...
ain:itulah erin..mau sedia duit ngam2 bah..
erin:manalh aku tau bah...kau jugak sudah lama duduk kl pun ndak tau aiyaya+_+
malu sudah aku ne...
ain:ain xguna public transport..ain jrg nek bus...
erin:yala ain....ain na tuuu bus metro buruknya bah bas tu..ndak mau naik
ain:eya..nanti dia pusing tu...

beberapa minit kendian dtg pula bus U6

erin:eh...bus td bah itu
ain:bukan bah..itu bus lain..jd mau naik yg mana satu ne
erin:tgk dulu muka pciknya..kalo sama yg td ak ndak mau naik...malu ak
ain:bukan bah erin..sedia lah duit ngam2...
erin:ya jom chowkit berapa ya(aku tanyak ni sama pmandu)
bus:1.90(sambil tersengih2)
erin:cukupkah duit syilingmu ain...
ain:cukup bah..haha..20sen suma...

aku dan ain pun keluarkan suma duit syiling..haha..fuh lega sib bek cukupkn..kalo x..ntah apa jadi...........
dan d journey what a confius day 2 ya....wait

Last day at Unikop

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yesterday was da last day of our examination papers..for me n ain la..while da rest oredi went out from our hostel..n on the sunday morning lia oso went back to her santubong...huhu..i n ain shud focus for our chemistry papers plak..huhu..too tired..slept at 3a.m n woke up at 6a.m in the morning....n im too tired..we sent lia to da taxi stop at 7a.m...waited patiently till da taxi arrived n took our besties away to da kl will cost much i guess..nevamind..her money..^_^..after dat we went back n continued our revision..not revision actually..just revise a little bit for da formulas n headache comes again maybe coz im too tired for those few weeks of examination corner..owez sleep late..

while answering da lack of confidence..i cant answered it all..i just want to lay my head in da desk coz swear dat im too sleepy dat time..i cant focus to answer my chem paper..i just looked at da ques n my mind are notin..i dunno how nuch i tried to cross n dash here n there on da answer sheet coz i owez wrote da wrong formula n meaning..gormless..huh..i wish i cud pass dis exam..maybe coz dis is da last paper n i hv lost my spirit..huh..however its oredi over..wht i hv to do is..pray for da result im goin to get soon..anxious ni..^_^

okey..after went back from da exam..i n ain doin our last laundry at unikop for this semester.....n da next story...wait ya...^_^

EXAM oredi over
its time to HOLIDAY
it comes n goes from our life
but both are essential things for
STUDENT like us..
we will meet da exam n leave da  holidays for da next sem..
so..FOCUS more is needed k..


have a nice n wonderful holiday guyz...^_^

Friday, November 12, 2010

miss my blog...

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its been a long time rite..i havent write on dis crazychingu blog..well i currently busy with my study..yala..its exam corner guyz...n i oredi took 4 papers..ctu,bel,maths n bio..huh..n those paper really killin me..well..while i studying my biology...i cried..i dunno y..i oredi burn my nite and day juz to focus on it..n what i got??notin..i memorizing it...lots n lots n more n more..however, the more i tried..the more i failed to complete reading the whole notes..n im stuck..Allah forgive me for the laziness that i bring into myself..

maybe people seein me study like a crazy people that wont stop n aim to score high..however im not..i dream a lots rather than focusing on da paper i hold..i keep texting wif my frenz through da phone n suddenly i lose my mood n i cant treat him well..n i dun even noe what i had send to him..n suddenly"im ****** up with you" appeared on my hp screen..whats dat..did i deserved to get it..u really break my heart..n suddenly my tears fall down again again n cud u become so harsh to me..did i do sumtin wrong to you...+_+..if really i do..plz forgive me........i never mean to do it...101% forgive begging for u..

the end of the day n today morning i oredi took my bio 200 papers..n u noe what..i leave many blanks..there are many question dat i didnt answered well..n im totally scared rite now..n i piffle a lots..really..
i guess..+_+..7 essay question n i managed to answer well only seldom n da rest i just throw up whatever comes out from my mind on dat answer sheet...BLOOD n LOOSE CONNECTIVE TISSUE im truly sorry coz i cant finish doin u guyz..i didnt shared my time wif u for da last few days before i took dis fault n u too MR NITROGEN CYCLE...i only remember a few of u..ur 5 steps which i remember da most....n oso da TERRESTRIAL BIOMES..huhu...swear i oredi read but i totally forgot....

ANXIOUS...CHAOTIC..dats what i felt now........mmmm...hopefully everytin gonna be fine..i hope i will pass wif excellent grade...amin ..may Allah bless me n all my frenzz..amin^_^

Monday, November 8, 2010


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i hate dis phenom...really2 hate it...nape dkat2 nk cuti semestr bru nk kacau org hah???? every sem adew2 jelh...igtkn ahernye kne gak...ITs SCARES US U NOE!!!!! 4am, saw mr housemate standing infront da toilet doing notink, yet she's at her own house??????? yani.....flying blanket???????wow...its really freaking me out.... why shud dis happen 2 us??? now im with yani n erin,..hmmmm... =(

Friday, November 5, 2010


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my heart n my mind a fell when missing you..n ofcoz to forget u its hard..i dunno y we end up bein in situation like dis which ofcoz i hate da most..but it is our fate..n we shud receive it evendo our heart sorry for evrytin...2 n a half years rlation end jz like dat without any tears...n i dunno y u didnt put any hope for me to come back with u...u really want me to go so u wud hv chance to be wif her back ya...i asked u to wait coz i hv lost my comitment for our loves which makes me neglect my responsibilities of u sory coz seldom texting u..calling u..i owez texting wif my new frenz..which i oredi tell u bout him..n im not goin to be with him okay..he jz like my little brother which help n motivates me a lots i guess...n u dont hv to worry so much..coz im having a gud life evn without u by my side... theres a thing i need u to know...u hv lost ur spirit  by put all da burden on ur shoulder...i know its ur responsibilities to take care of ur family...but u still young dear..u shud make urself better first...n only then u can take a really gud care of others...if u didnt noe to serve urself better..then how cud u can serve others well..including me...+_+..u said dat ya..u will be a better person..i waited patiently..but..huh...hampa syg...+_+...done sayin bout you dear.. theres a lot more..but..let keep is as a secret which will be buried n neva ever gonna comes out again...

what i felt now...
n notin much i can say coz.......
i hv lost..n im zero
RECOVER take a long2 times...........
now have to focus on MAT 238
its hard..killin me..............
ya Allah bantulah hambaMU yg lemah ini......

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

you're not sorry for letting me go...

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All this time i was wasting..hoping for you to come around..
i hv been giving out chances every time and what u do is let me down..
and its taking me this long, baby but i figured u out..
n u're thinking we'll be fine again..
but not this time around..
all da memories we shared together was so wonderful
n i owez smile
when think about it...


u dont have to call anymore, i wont pick up the phone..
this is the last straw, dont wanna hurt anymore..
and you can say dat you're sorry but i dont believe you..
like i did're not sorry..for letting me go...

looking so innocent i might believe you if i didnt know..
could've love u all my life..if u hadn't left me waiting in the cold..
and you got ur share secret and im tired being the last to know..
and now u're asking me to listen..cause its worked each time before...
you had me falling for you..and it never wud hv gone
u used to shine so bright..
but i watched all of it fade away.....

(TAYOR SWIFT-you're not sorry)means a lot to me..

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ciri-ciri pelajar cemerlang

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