Monday, November 15, 2010

confuse day 2

Posted by ReenLysa at 9:59 PM
and da story begin..after we reached to chowkit..i n ain went out to get da ticket for monorel n once again we fight for sumtin..ain said dat we shud buy monorel ticket to imbi but whats come out from my mind..i said no la..we shud by hang tuah..n only then we can reach direct to da times square..ain showed up her confuse face again..haha..funny when look at her doin dat again n i did buy tickets for hang tuah for both of us which cost rm4.10 i guess..n da journey to time square begin..

eyh ain..dis is time square kn..but our tickets went to hang tuah..oh my fault again.."kn ain dah ckp..itulah ain rasa pelik..erin ni biar betul...nahh rugi udah.."'hehe sorry ain..oh my God..i oredi bought a wrong ticket..n what ain told me are true n i shud buy ticket to imbi..huhu..wasting my money..but its okay..n then we just stopped by da imbi..we went out..pray dat our ticket will be accepted..thx..coz it available..if not..wonder how is it goin to be..haha..2 unwanted incidence just fault i whispered..huhu...

we entered da TS..walking around..n then we went to mcd to have our vanilla last i will kill u up..haha..ain went to order n im waitin for her..n after waitin for few minutes..our burger2..arrived..time to kill it..oh..but ain didnt bought my vanilla shake..pure dare u ain..but its okay,i will buy it later..ate our lunch rapidly..n talking bout sumtin interesting n ofcoz about her..u noe who..u dont noe??u dont hv to noe la..haha..

after eat..we went to find da bag which i want to leg hurts as i wear da stoberi shoes..its tight..ain said dat its hurt coz i hvnt bite it..huhu..for all dis time..i neva evva bite my shoes b4 wear it..myths..hehe..n we found dat cost Rm36.90..too expensive i said..n ain said dat..we shud go around more to find da better one..n i said okay..without thinking bout da problem of getting more last i cant found it la....aiyo..n im too tired to went back for da first shop td..huhu..n its okay la..we went la to BB after dis..on our tawaf at Ts..ain oredi bought 2 kemeja..wif only rm5o in her pocket..da kemeja cost RM19 n RM13...hehe..n she oso hv eat mcd kn..such a gud budget dear..n mine bought 5 shirts..which cost..RM64 for all..hehe..tell me what you it worth..ofcoz la worth kan...aiyo its hv been so long i didnt went to shopping okay la..theres sumtin useful i buy..^_^

then..we want to go out..ain..where was da exit..we shud look on da map..huhu..where is the map..i didint know where was the exit to go to BB..hehe..its okay coz im not belong here..however da confius girl oso dont noe..what the butterfly??haha..looked n searched for da exit at da map n we belong nowhere..huahua+_+...up n down..up n don..where was it dear??send msj to ejump n asked him where was the exit...he laugh n tell me dat i shud go to da 1st level n after seein ROMP...there must be a way out..but before dat we oso had asked da workers there n she oso told da same..n what a shamed...haha..yeay..we managed to went out..however its rainy-rainy day..hoho..but just went through la..acidic heavy metal poisonous rain at the middle of KL town..haha..polluted rain had affected our skin..mine for most coz ain wear tudung..sick2..however it will not happen as im strong bah..huhu

few minutes later we arrived at fast we arrived...entered n went to mcd to buy my vanilla shake..such a bad situation which had destroy my dream for having da mr vanilla..rarely felt dis way..want to hv sumtin..dat are not able to get eventhough try hard..esp when it comes to food la..huhu..okey..then we walk around if theres might be a luck for me to get da bag i not..if i jz bought td at TS kn...then ain said dat she was too tired...n i felt pity for we went out..however we secondly cud not find da way out...n im anxious..huh..what we gonna do..we walked but owez meet da same place again n again..haha..gormless..too long at there.n finally we managed to go,,haha,,,what a day..seems like we were foreigner from surabaya n belgium ya..haha...

then we bought ticket for titiwangsa..arrived there..we took da taxi n last we HOME....da journey end...however..theres still lots more to go...HOSTEL CHORES...

eventhough we were tired walking around but its fun coz it is a gud way of realeasing stress n a gud way to slim my ms tummy dat goin to be ms dut-dut..haha..n we hv finish our exam on dat apalagi kasi happy itu fun went out with you ain..i love it..hopefully next time we went out together again ya...

wait at confuse day 3....daaaa^_^


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