Saturday, April 30, 2011


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syukur Alhamdullilah..

at last examination zone already end..:)..wowow..n ya..its really tough..+_+..our examination papers this sem quite hard n the question kinda weird la..=_="..p its okay..coz we already tried our best..n lets pray that everything gonna be fine afterwards..our result..hopefully we pass the exam with flying colors ya..:)

qmt110,csc134,bio250,chm257...among those four subject which i took this semester, qmt110 seems to be the most easiest one, the end,i found that,it was the killer one..i did not managed to finish it up according to the time given..3 stuck while answering the question,coz i carelessly applied the wrong formulas and it affect the whole a consequence the other ques,i failed to work it all out..n dont hv time to check those numbers back..:"(..but, sigh..but praying hard..ya still praying hard..whishing,everything gonna be just fine then...:)

about more than a weeks,i study really hard..coz i prefer hard than smart..and out of 100%..i just hv quality of..70%..which i only perform 70%..and the rest..leave out elsewhere..even though i cant stand for my own lectures and want to quitthen i start to realized and ,i think very well about the consequences of not taking advantage of the opportunity of free time i had..:)

Even though the opportunity seems to be 50-50 to obtain such a good-colors-result just like previous semester..but,i strongly believe that there will always be other opportunities that.."drop in".. even though they might not be the same as the previous semester which i could obtained such a satisfying result..:)

so guyz..lets pray together..may Allah bless us all..;)..amin..:)..

Alhamdulillah..:) ::exam done:: bismillahi tawakkal tu'alallah..:)

now lia already went back to her lalaland..KUCHING..enjoy ya..while me..stuck in this busy town..but its okay coz i have chance to meet my little dear-baby-boy-cutest one for me..hafiy..wait for your cute-aunt-erin ya..hehe..:)

love erin..:)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

your heart perfect or not??

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assalamualaikum..n gud day..^_^

not everyone have a perfectly good heart right..and whether you have it or not..actually its already exist inside you from the very beginning you come to this just need to treasure it in you..don't be sad or don't feel that you are not good when compares with other people around you..

even you said 1000times that you are good or 1000times you said that you are honest..could others believe in you???we cant stop people from saying bad thing about us,whatever they said..true or false that's their problem..we cant make others feel 100% satisfied with what we trying to do or overcome this thing with open heart is such a hardest thing actually..thinking about others and neglecting your own feeling..can you do this??and how sad it must be to go through life with whole heart..

look deep into your heart and see whether it is still clean and beautiful or full with scar and mess already..DO YOU THINK A CLEAN HEART REPRESENT THE GOOD SIDE OF YOU????

compare to the scars one..i think THE SCAR ONE ARE MORE GOOD...

this is because,every scar represents a person to whom you give your love..

"I tear out a piece of my heart and give it to them, and often they give me a piece of their heart which fits into the empty place in my heart, but because the pieces aren't exact, I have some rough edges, which I cherish, because they remind me of the love we shared. Sometimes I have given pieces of my heart away, and the other person hasn't returned a piece of his heart to me. These are the empty gouges --giving love is taking a chance. Although these gouges are painful, they stay open, reminding me of the love I have for these people too, and I hope someday they may return and fill the space I have waiting. "

so you see what true beauty is???


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what you should eat during exam..:)

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 Expert advice 10 best advice

How do you put up a program that provides energy to a decent effort before and during the exam?
It’s almost exam, and for many students it means an intensification of the number of reading hours. This of course wreaks havoc on the brain and therefore concentration.
As many have experienced me, is a lot of the key to optimum performance in a proper diet. Common perceptions are that the coffee and sugar is what it takes to keep you focused effort by month, but the expert we have talked with, Ann-Kristine Rolland at Felon Lindberg’s clinic, the examination readers differently.
Here are her top 10 tips for diet before and during the examination.

1. Get up in enough calories

To get the energy to read the exam, you need mental energy, in other words not only energy in the form of calories. For the body and especially the brain to function optimally it must be supplied to the building blocks it needs to perform.

2. Do not eat only candy

Tips for a snack:
• 2 cups milk natural Bitola
• 1-2dl fresh or frozen berries
• ½ banana
• 1 tablespoon crushed flax seed mixes in the blender.
Food should be avoided during this period is the food like many resort to the easiest, as sugary drinks, candy, cakes and buns. This is food that leads to poor concentration, because it leads to unstable blood sugar. The brain needs constant supply of energy; this gives you the best by a diet that provides for stable blood sugar and no food for quick blood sugar rise which then leads to a rapid drop in blood sugar.

3. Choose a balanced diet

A fall in blood sugar gives us the feeling of fatigue and then often a lack of concentration. For the food to give profits should most meals consist of about 1 / 3 protein foods (fish, meat, poultry, eggs, low fat dairy products) and approx. 2 / 3 of lavglykemiske foods (legumes, vegetables, coarse grains, fruit and berries). And a small percentage of good fats like nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil.

4. Eat regularly

Eat regularly, about every 3-4 hours, and not at least start the day with a nutritious breakfast for a good start.

5. Take vitamins

Tips for breakfast:
Oatmeal with cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, some chopped banana and cinnamon.
• Boil the oatmeal (with water or milk) and stir in sunflower seeds and banana. Sprinkle cinnamon over.
• Omelet and bread. Make omelet of 2-3 eggs, server along with a rough slice of bread and some salad vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.)
The brain needs a high intake of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids; because 60% of the brains dry weight consists of fat and about. Half of this to be the omega 3 Omega 3 must be supplied via the diet, and then we cannot produce these fatty acids themselves. The same applies to the omega 6, but the modern diet usually has too much omega 6 and too little omega 3: The most effective form of omega we get from oily fish and cod liver oil.

6. Get enough sleep

Do you need to stay awake at night, the same principles as above? The best course is to have the most profit for the day to get the best possible reading and using the night to what you need most, sleep.

7. Drink enough water!

Tips for correct order:
• Meats boiled or fried eggs and / or fish toppings such as smoked salmon.
• Some nut toppings like organic peanut or almond butter can also be good (they contain no added sugar).
• Another variant might be to make an omelet to take, or eat natural yoghurt with fruit and nuts.
The best drink is only water, it is important to drink steadily through the day, lack of fluids can make you both dehydrated and tired. A cup of coffee or two is fine, but do not use coffee to stay awake. Coffee may seem a little similar to sugar; it gives you a boost, and then gives you an energy drop for a while after. Most importantly, frequent meals that are properly balanced. If you do not have time to cook in the busy period of study, a smoothie or protein shake be a good option in between meals.

8. Do not use dextrose

Dietary supplements / tablets such as Dextrose will have a positive effect on reading exam. Dextrose, however, will have a negative effect when it leads to unstable blood sugar. However, fish oil or omega 3 capsules is useful to take regularly if you do not eat oily fish, but it helps not to take this only on exam day.

9. Do not eat sweets during the exam

On exam day, it’s easy to think that candy and soda is what you need to stay awake and ready to head on exam day. But the best is to give your body steady supply of food that produces a surplus. This could be a few rough pieces of bread together with protein-rich toppings.

10. Eat nuts and fruit

It might be nice to have a snack meal in addition to the food package, such as nuts or almonds, often combined with fruit or dried fruit.


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  • Cheating won't solve your exam problems. Getting good grades that were earned honestly will motivate you to study and achieve even more.
  • Although some people find it a "good" idea, drinking absurd amounts of coffee, tea, or any other caffeine source is not a good move, especially on the day before the exam. You'll crash eventually and you'll feel groggy the day of the exam, almost guaranteeing an inferior performance.
  • You should eat only as much as required. Try not to put stress on both your stomach AND your mind.
  • Don't study only on the night before the exam.
  • Don't depend heavily on the help of others.
  • Don't be overconfident, always anticipate the hardest question, and then everything will seem easier.
  • NEVER be late for exams.
  • Avoid stress from other people, if at all possible.
  • Start studying at least a week before the exam.
  • Dont be to dependent on the teacher

another add-on tips..:)

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  • Finding out who is writing the exam can be helpful. This way, you might be able to understand what sort of questions will be used ( i.e: short answer, essays, multiple choice, etc.)
  • Asking teachers for help conveys your commitment to the material, and can be helpful in the future as well as with your exams.
  • Sleep well before exams, so your mind will be alert before, after, and during the exam.
  • Always be hopeful and don't doubt yourself.
  • Remember this analogy: 'Study without ambition is a bird without wings'
  • Study less, with more concentration, if possible.
  • And if you are a memorizing person, or want to be, lecture to yourself (out loud) while also using your hands; this way it will be easier for you to memorize. Do a whole section, then move onto the next. Do this until you finish the whole of the chapter you're working on.
  • The above tip is really effective, especially for a subject like social studies.
  • do not learn before one day keep learning one subject 2,3 times


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Exams are a terrible and stressful thing to study for, especially knowing that they can make or break your final mark. Being able to study in the proper manner will achieve the best results, so make use of these tips..

  1. 1
    Rewriting. Rewriting your notes is great if you're a kinesthetic learner. Also, when you re-write something, you will probably think about what you are writing, what it's about, and why you wrote it down. Most importantly, it refreshes your memory. If you took notes a month ago and just found out that those notes will be relevant in your exam, rewriting them will remind you of them when you need it for your exam.

  2. 2
    Find the right hours. Don't study when you're really tired. It's better to study for two hours in one day than to try and cram in that daily hour of studying at two in the morning. You won't remember much and you're likely to stop before you have studied what you need.
  3. 3
    Don't cram. Cramming the night before is proven to be useless, because you're taking in so much information at once that it's impossible to memorize it at all -- in fact, you'll hardly retain anything. I know it's been preached to you many times before, but it's true: Studying before and going over it multiple times really is the best way to learn the material. This is especially true with things like history and subjects dealing with theory.
  4. 4
    Subjects. If it's math you're studying for, work on the problems. Don't just read over it like you would for a history class, because you can actually do math, but you can seldom dohistory. Working problems out will help burn them into your mind, and remember: if you can't solve the problem before the exam, you won't be able to solve it on the exam either. If you are studying for a more social subject, do your research! Make sure you know what you're talking about!
  5. 5
    Surroundings. How do you study best? In your PJ's, or your favorite t-shirt? With music or without? In your room or outside? Regardless, you probably won't be able to study while there are distractions like:
    • Your darling little brother or sister is running screaming around the house. You are going to end up watching movies because they are far too distracting.
    • Your older brother or sister is bothering you on purpose.
    • Your music is not relaxing, or is a song you want to sing along to instead of studying.
    • It's too dark. Your eyes will strain in dim light.
    • You're in a mess. Clean your room, as the mess around you really can distract you from what you're doing.
  6. 6
    Correct lighting. For men, try studying with a dimmer light (though not overly dim). Statistics say that 75% of guys that do this will focus better. For girls, it's indicated that 90% of the time, they study and focus better in a brighter room with little noise.
  7. 7
    TV. Some people like to have the TV on quietly in the background. This can cut both ways in that it can distract you from time to time, but also can help you to continue studying. It's a risky strategy to have the TV on: nobody really knows how much it takes away from your attention and may be distracting you more than you realize.
  8. 8
    Take Breaks. You need some time to have fun and it is better to revise when you are feeling relaxed than to exhaust yourself studying all day! The only caveat is, you need to avoid procrastination


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assalamualaikum n good day..:)

baby,baby,baby oh..hehe..its kinda funny when i think back bout da previous day when i went to the cinema with my friend and watched NEVER say NEVER by Justin 3d ya..yup..and it was the first time in my life wore that 3d kaca mata..hehe..n da cinema was da biggest one i hv ever entered before..:)..

first i thought it was a story..i mean ya story like thers film..but it totally the other way around..its more to JB journal life,..since he was lil-young until now when he held concert at Madison..n im pretty sure that not all singer can perform there..but JB was just so lucky coz at the age of 16 he managed to dance,singing,acting there..superb..:)..and u gonna admiring him to after watch his real life..

Abby my dearest sista u might get jealous with me..i know u love this teenager-to-be so much right..hehe..

n its a good way to release ur stress actually after watchd dis NSN by JB..coz it gave us such a good message that will encourage us to achieve our dream without.."NEVER say NEVER" not crazy for him like other girls did..especially girls which hv same tone of him..just respect him cuz of his enthusiasm n his mom who owez be beside him through da journey of his life until he reach this path..n his song was so 
nice-to-hear..u shud try it too..

I will never say never! (I will fight)
I will fight till forever! (make it right)
Whenever you knock me down,
I will not stay on the ground...:)

never say never...:)



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again n again n again..stress...Allah help by my side..pull me back to the path im heading on..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

IMPORTANT message..

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this is exam just around the should prepare now..well.all the best for us..USAHA DOA n TAWAKAL..

so,this blog will switch to silent mode once again..
no story to share and post..

so good luck dear freinds..:)
got exam to fight..all the best

Saturday, April 2, 2011

EXPRESS sumting..

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wish i could be a new born baby once again..:')

but..we cant do so..:(..

who we are to turn upside down everything that have been made by Allah..??

so..should felt thankful coz Allah have made you as one of HIS greatest creation..:)

as we grow older,only then we realize what is the real meaning of this life..full of thorns and flowers sometimes..:) smile as long as you can eventhough storm came after you..don't be sad,yet take everything as one of the test from Allah..

when we were young,we only know how to depend with others,especially with our mom dad..n our sibling maybe..we didnt know what is the true colors of life out there..

and now...SO MUCH DIFFICULTIES....everything become miserable as we grow older..everyone keep pushing us..everyone seems to be differ..yet, im strong to face this through..just wish everything gonna be fine soon..:)


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