Sunday, January 29, 2012

cinta itu

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lately this thing always stumbled and become a parasite in my mind, i just wish i can let it go and my mind are free from all those dunya stuff..

ya, i am letting you go honestly and seriously. Even though you ask me again thousand times or million times, i am not going to change it and i would not let you tear my flowering life again.

instead , If you are the one that have been written in Luh Mahfuz..

so from now on, just live your life happily and cherish the one that you love.

Friday, January 20, 2012

syiling itu runtuh lagi....T_T

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dear alia..adakah kau ingat lg sewaktu kejadian syiling bilik kita runtuh..n now it happen again...twice.  mm to be precise it's already the third times..uwaaa...this room no longer called room as it was totally a disaster...

sorry i don't have that super technology yet so i just took this picture using my laptop..hehee..:)

so what do you's kinda scary..the wall is dirty...+_+...

harap2 lah ada orang dtg kasi baik cantik2 supaya ndak runtuh lg..dugaan2...sabar jak lah...aku ndak mau tukar bilik ka apakah...nasib baiklah last sem sudah..dan nasib baiklah aku ndak berdiri or duduk di bawah tu masa dia jatuh..kalau ndak..ya ampun..apalah sudah jadi sama aku ni..:"(....

okay itu saja..hehe..

love erin

Friday, January 13, 2012


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hehe...sudah lama tak mengunjungi belog ini..:)..yala..masa yg ada pun dah xcukup nk tulis2 kn..:)..biasalah sudah last sem n kerja pun makin byk tmbh lg dgn subjek yg agak out of my main course which is ETR....tapi seronok juga stdy etr ni sbb madam dia baik..:)..suka suka..heee...

life have been very busy now..n too much temptation spreading and attacking me since the first day of this with all the unworthy result i got from my previous test n quizzes which make my self n spirit become more fade away..but i owez believe in Allah..he loves me...that's why He test me to show how much He tahzan erin..:")....

a few weeks ago, my life seems to be very meaningful and enjoyable since i have my mom n abby besides me..but not my abah :( mom n sis stumbled here for almost a month...hehe..pray hard that they will stay that long..and syukurlah..they did it coz the ticket is much expensive if they wish to go back earlier..

and for my muet result...even though i do not obtained excellent band..but i felt thankful and grateful..:')

okay back then,that juz a quick recap 4 what is actually happen for me this semester:)

for the next day of my life i dont even know if Allah will giving me another chances to see this i wish too..i wish that i can see the sun that use to shine brightly during the day and the moon which illuminate the world during night:)..there's so much thing i haven't done yet n my amalan pun is not that much to face Allah the Almighty..:"(....duniawi is nothing compare to after life...

i should strengthen my iman and do not let it become less n less every day if i want to embark my real , true ,and honest life at Paradise once i close my eyes n once that real life come in akhirat..:')..

ALIA this is my new pitca with abby..:)..i miss you so much dear..... you too friends..:)

love erin bacho..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

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