Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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wah dat was too great are so lucky dear..:)...they must be wandering why did you got the prize right..but that was the fate and its already written by Allah and you deserve it i hope you can publish the photo of your new home theater there...:)..

i feel differ from before now as i love to stay at this room frequently rather than went outside with the juniors n ain too...not becoz i dont want too..but as usual early in the semester i dont have much money to next time i will..:)....maybe they feel uneasy with me this previous day..and i felt guilty too...

okay..tomorrow 1dec im going to have another appointment at HKL..luckily ejump will accompany me..:)..i hope everything gonna be fine afterwards...he works at secret recipes now..but he didnt even give me any cakes from there even i eagerly want it..haha..:P...

okay..i miss you so much alia..i wish we can meet up someday and share more stories k...:)

take care of yourself...muahxxxxx!!!

nah..gambar aku dgn ain masa g zoo..:)..ada byk lg ni.....t bg tgk ya..:)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Juz A Practical Student

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today, is my 6th day of practical..and to tell the truth its really boring there...there is no work for me to do...yah, people owez think if we dont have any work, datz great but not for me...juz sitting at the chair looking round and round, read newspaper..there is some work they gave it to me but i've finished as in my log book, i will write no work...haish... (-_-)"  
p/s bagus pergi kelas dari pergi practical...miss unikop...hahaha

Erin...ari jumaat tadi aku ada dinner dgn pejabat aku practical that night ada lucky draw...and guess what, its really my luck dat night..i've got the grand prize and that is a dvd home theather...hahaha and jadi topik perbualan org ofis da..."how come she just got in for 5 day practical and she got the big prize rather than us that hav been work for years" OMG....haha well, it juz my luck...kihkih =)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

dream high:)

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alia..aku dah tgk dream high..sgt best..:)))


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this is the last semester we gonna go through..insyaAllah if we pass all the though subject...and surely I must take advantage of every single time that i have this more playing or joking around..

to alia..i wish all the best for you in this life dear..ya,indeed i miss you so much take care!!

short one...

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new semester new hope..oh by the way..salam maal hijrah to everyone..:)..

let us begin this new year of Islam with open heart n seek the true meaning of life too..:)..remember,your heart beat till now is becoz of Allah...He is the only one who know when your soul will left your remember...Allah is the one which holds your heart,mind and soul..:') use it wisely,dont let the Dunya tear it apart...(muhasabah diri ini)..:)

with love..erin:)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Last Sem... =)

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21/Nov/11 - Tomorrow will be Erin first day of class and my first day for practical this last semester...huhu so nervous rite now.. 
im starting to miss u all there...... =(
so, wish all the best luck!

Hoping the best for this semester..amin2...

-lya- (^_^)v

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