Saturday, November 20, 2010

im home now..

Posted by ReenLysa at 1:58 PM
at last i home..haha..n u noe what last nite journey was da most terrible one i've ever had before as its rain's feel like my spirit went out from my body..arghh..i felt totally me..
.n da airplane move vigorously to the left n right..upside n down..i whispered "Ya Allah..bantulah hamba-Mu ini..harap2 kami semua tiba dan mndarat dgn selamat"

few minutes later, da flight attendance anounced dat we will be landing thankful i am..Allhamdullilah..all praise to Allah..

during da journey im really sleepy u noe..luckily i didnt fell asleep on otherz shoulder..haha..there was a boyz sat beside me..huhu..n u noe what..not even a words comes out from my mouth..owh how boring i am..wish there wud be sumone to talk to me..haha..n u noe wht..there's a cute baby who sitting to da nex line..she was so cute n i owez play wif her if she see me..haha..she was a gud baby gurl as she did not crying on da whole journey..yes..she did..if not..wonder how its goin to wif other kids which running2 inside da airplane..n others baby who are crying..oh..its chaotic u noe..everybody keep talking nonstop wif their own language..n dis is da first time i experienced situation like dis...

huhu..after landing..i went to toilet n touch up  a little bit coz my hair was messy..huhu..then went to took my luggage..then went home..during da journey to home its rain heavily and owh daddy cud u see da afraid..totally..i dunno how many times daddy ride in da wrong path..n we got bath..haha..syukurla smpi juak bndr..haha..then went to eat..walk around tawau for a while n went home...unpacked..



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