Monday, March 28, 2011

hi there..:)

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should i start it with A BIG SMILE :))))))))  or SIGH ..:(((((((..???

oh,weekends..weekends..i love you so much..could i have a relationship with you??

weekdays..weekdays..i do love you..but u coming so fast and steal my weekends..:(

lately, time goes by so fast, yet maybe because we already grow much older and our double triple free time already gone by time..:)..we have so much thing to be focus on recently..oohh..not just recently,but afterwards,there will be a lot more to be fight on..yup..we got FINAL EXAMINATION to fight on..

start from 20 april till 8 May i guess...i only have 4 papers to date with while Lia have 2 papers..then,we gonna have be precise..(SHORT HOLIDAYS) only okay...or maybe not at all..aiyoo.."sem ni cuti sekejap saja la"-_-"register back on 30th May 2011..

and more..i will not be goin back to my Hometown...+_+..sabar jak la erin...

oh..this is it or is just the way it is..Allah already fated it to be this way..we as Allah servants should follow it up without any objection okay..:)..

zone: encik n pacik STRUGGLING zone already waving at us...:)

Love Erin..

Thursday, March 24, 2011


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current mood;;UNPREDICTABLE

so beware..;-)

dangerous zone here...

full of stress corner...

stress hormone....go away!!!

recently..MELATONIN HORMONE...increase...

result in SLEEP overtime...overdose

need to regain "positive" things back


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life is rarely the way we want it to be...

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Last night,i teribbly had such a affect my mood so much as i have to do many assignment..statistics,3 csc assignment,and upcoming bio and chem kuiz n test..i dont know which one should i start first??i keep studying my QMT and i found nothing and i whispered to myself.."am i stupid already?why i cant answer even single question??i have learned it before..did my brain failed to function properly as before??did i too over with my own excitement until i neglect my own responsibilities as a students??did i..mmm..:(..

then,i go see if my classmate were there on my facebook screen..want to ask them about their ASSIGNMENT..and it totally disappointed me too..they also have the same problem as me,which they cannt solve the problems of QMT too..we have to submit it on Monday..and out of 10 question, i only managed to answer 4 question well and the rest i leave it's not like im not trying to solve it..but i myself couldnt find the solution..hopefully everything gonna be fine afterwards..

A little longer,i think i want to stop..stop from getting in contact with all of those STUDY thing..can i??mm..but then..i realize that,LIFE IS RARELY THE WAY WE WANT IT TO BE..first i came to this college,i start it with whishes and excitement without knowing the consequences and obstacles lies between me afterwards..along the way,in the middle,i just felt like i ..want to quit,pack my things and went sabah..i cried and cried..but i already in the halfway to finish my does it worth to quit now?and now im trying to regain back my spirit and thumbs up my enthusiasms again..and tell myself "you must do it erin,its quit,you fail.."this is what we called life,we should struggling to get a good ending of our life and after life too,not everything we can get in twinkling time..its a rocky journey..full with thorns and hurts sometimes..but after we achieve what we want,we will feel so relieve..and dats relive is just like a heaven..:)

so..never give up thankful and grateful to Allah because He just give us another day to see this beautiful world..:)..the sun use to shine so bright everytime we woke up in the morning..cant you see the wonderful creation which made by Allah..:)..and during night,the moon start to illuminate the world..:)..

love erin..:)

Friday, March 18, 2011

a day...

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Assalamualaikum,annnyeonghaseyo..nice day dear readers..:)

when u get busy with something and work really hard to finish it up, but later on it all turn out to the way which you would never want it to be..QUIZ postponed,ASSIGNMENT postponed,CLASS CANCELLED but need to be REPLACE to the other day...everything sounds to be good right??

but its totally make you more chaos..everything seems to be under control.Imagine,if you already prepared for your test,quiz an so on,but suddenly your lecturer cancelled it..what the butterfly i guess right??suddenly your spirit and enthusiasms thumbs down back..could you get it back??and i found it more difficult to study and focus on those things back..and then your flying colour result will be fade colour result afterwards..

n my Bio 250 quizess ..again and again fail....=_='' calm n erin...

but..i keep remind myself..whatever happens to me n other person in this already been stated since we exist in this world..we cant change it neither obstruct it..we must follow the saying goes,April showers bring may flowers..eventhough today is not your lucky day,who knows in the future it will turn out to the way you want it to be..:).so,we cant sigh..or take it too seriously till affect our mood and people around us...keep on focusing with your goal and always have your prayers with you..InsyaAllah..amin:)

with Love..:)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

we will be busy..

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assalamualaikum :)

crazy chin gu will be gone for a while due to several reason..
no post will be update or story to share..with..
we have a lots of thing to be focus with..
quiz test n assignment..moreover exam is just around the corner guyz..
so extra work is neeeded now..
less blogging more studying...
hope everything gonna be fine afterwards..
pray for us..amin..:)

by the way..who had visited us from india??preston,lanchasire??mumbai??
how could..hehe..


Saturday, March 12, 2011


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lia..i hope u like this polka dot gtu..i dunno what else to choose..i found out this one was so cute..n suit us too..haha..dont worry..we will try n try other layouts k..:)

hey..cpat la upload gmbr bju tu..:) nk story ni.. last i meet my family too..sorri x g kelas bio..takut gila ni nk jwb soklan miss irma t..dah la aku paranoid kata lin..p xpala..bru first time x g kelas..hehe...

now i currently bzi..wif my family...huhu..really excited coz hv chances to meet them..
blh tak kalo aku xnk balik???hehe..:)...tgk ni betapa happynya aku..:)...


and our little boy...sgt syg dia..muahhxxx....bertanbah2 lg kn family kmi..oh sy menjadi mak cik...mak cik erin..:)..sgt comel..hehe

love erin:)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


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assalamualaikum n gud day..

kenapa tulis tajuk akhirnya???..yala..bila ada permulaan pasti ada pengakhirannya ada akhir mesti ada tengahnya kn..itulah hidup..masalah datang dn pergi silih berganti..tiada manusia yg x hdup tanpa masalah..=)..cuma itu suma bergantung pada diri kita dalam melaksanakan masalah itu..

lagi-lagi kpd kita yg bergelar sbg seorang pelajar..pasti masalah datang bertimpa2 dn akhirnya membuat kita merasa stress..lebih2 lg bila stress yg kita alami turut memberi effect kepada rakan2 d sekeliling yang langsung tidak bersalah..kenapa kah kita tidak mampu membezakn hal ini..exam.assignment,kuiz,test,berat badan meningkat,masalah jerawat,cinta,keluarga,rakan2,duit..semuanya merunsingkan kita..namun mmg itulah yg hrus kita lalui...dn xsemestinya perjalanan yg kita ambil selalu saja di penuhi batu dn duri serta semak samun..pastinya juga kita akn melalui jalan yg lurus sekali sekala dlm hidup kita...ingat lah.Allah x akn menguji umatNya dgn sesuatu yg x bisa kita tanggung..

Jangan memandang masalah hny sbg satu penderitaan..mengeluh.."kenapalah aku berada di tempat ini,knp bukan org lain"sama sekali harus di lemparkan jauh dr sudut fikiran kita yg cetek..berkata spt itu x mgkin dpt menyelesaikn masalah yg kita hadapi...kita harus bersyukur dlm segala hal..kita hrus sedar bahawa Allah ingin membawa kita lagi dkt dgn Dia brulah Allah menguji kita..

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming with it" - Hellen Keller

some information on how to manage ur stress n problems..:)


hal ini boleh dikaitkn dgn sikap kita yg suka menunda pekerjaan..salah satu cara utk mengatasinya adlh dgn menggunakn cara the power of trapped ini..katakn pada diri kita kalau kita sudah x punya waktu yg lama lg..mungkin in few or more mins utk menyelesaikn pekerjaan yg hrus kita kerjakn..bahkn mgkin kita blh berbisik pd diri kita sendiri.."bagaimana kalau hari ini adalah hari terakhir ak hidup d dunia..apakah aku mampu melaksanakn tugas itu lg..baik ak hargai waktu yg ada ini dgn memberesknnya"..saya yakin dgn cara ini..pasti semuanya akn baik2 sahaja..waktu yg singkat akn menekan kerja yg cpt..insyaAllah pasti semuanya akn selamat..

"you only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough"anonymous


whatever work or proffesion u it with full dedication n will run smoothly as u wish for..when we love what we doing..there will be no "LAZY" word.."HARD" word..n "GIVE UP" word..lakukn saja semuanya dgn senang hati..pasti kegembiraan akn datang mengikuti anda..:)..jgn  pndg remeh pada segala bnda walau sekecil mana pun ia..hargainya..dn berilah kasih syg kpd apa jua yg anda lakukn..xrugi pun..:)..

"May your dreams take you.. to the corner of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.." - Carson Wrenn


bila ada wanita..mesti ada lelaki..bila ada bulan mesti ada matahari..dn samalah juga halnya dalam..bila ada positif pasti ada negatif..sejak kecil lg kita sudah tahu bahawa ambil yg positif buang yg negatif..evendo both are essential in life..p xsemua bnda hrus negatif kn..bila kita sering terjebak dalam sudut negatif..pasti semua bnda yg jernih pun kita rasa sgt keruh..kita sering melemparkn tanggapan negatif sebelum mencuba or mengenali sesuatu benda or perkara..ish..mmg susah sgt la..sbb hal ni sering bermaharaja lela dlm benak fikiran stiap manusia..
dengan itu kita hruslah mengalih kn perhatian kita pada hal yg positif..dlm setiap yg kita lakukn..insyaAllah tiada apa yg mustahil kalau kita mencuba...

It takes a strong person to deal with tough times and difficult choices. But you are a strong person. It takes courage. But you possess the inner courage to see you through" - Douglas Pagles


ramai orang yg x bersedia dlm melaksanakn sesuatu perkara kerana tiadanya komitmen dlm diri mereka..bahkn sy sendiri sering tidak ada the key is..berkomitmenlah secara jujur pd diri kita sendiri..dari detik ke detik..n if possible..every precious second in our life..hrgailah n bg la komitmen yg berkomitmen..pasti akn di senangi n d percayai oleh org lain..jd kn komitmen yg kita ada itu sbg bahan bakar dlm diri kita utk melangkah ke depan...

"when work,commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible"


apapun yg terjadi..apapun dugaan yg kita lalui..semua ini sudah tertulis sejak azali..Allah want it to be that we as servant for Him..shud follow everything without any objection..hidup hbukan seperti yg kita mahu...bukan kita yg menentukn perjalanan hidup ini..kita hanya merancang tapi Allah yg menentukan..sudah..jgn stress dn menganggap semua masalah itu adalah bala n kesusahan buat kita..hadapi dgn tabah dn tenang kerna Allah sering memerhati kn kita tiap masa walau di mana jua...:)

You can have hope, you can be optimistic. You can be inspired to climb your mountains. You can be strong and patient. Life is full of new beginnings. We are the author of the story of our lives. Then we can 
make the next chapter a wonderful one....:)

:)..dats all...utk lg lanjut..blh la surf laman2 web ni

n byk lg...jz google saja la..hehe

                                                                     love erin bacho:)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Our Main Song Diz Month MAC!!

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Nae saengae gajang areumdaun sunganeun
Neol manna nunbusige saranghaetdeon sungandeul
Ije na ara neoraneun saram
Nae saengae gajang keun seonmul

Baby Girl neon namanui cheonsa
Areumdaun ne moseubeun nal banhage hanikka
Eoduwotdeon naui sarme hanjulgi biccheoreom
Dagawa nae soneul kkok jabajun geudaeyeo
Himdeureodo apado utge dwae neo ttaemune
Neomeojyeo sseureojyeodo himeul nae neo ttaemune
U the only one in my life byeonhaji anha
Neol hyanghan nae sarangeun yeongwonhagi ttaemune

Hago sipeun mari inna bwa
Neujeotjiman ajikkkaji haji motan mal

Nae saengae gajang areumdaun sunganeun
Neol manna nunbusige saranghaetdeon sungandeul
Ije na ara neoraneun saram
Nae saengae gajang keun seonmul

Uri duri yaegihago
Uri duri georeogago
Eonjena duriraseo haengbokhan I sigandeul
Seoro dareun saraminde
Urin seoro manhi darma
Nammaenyaneun yaegido gakkeum deutgon haesseotji

Urin gateun gireul georeoga
Tto gateun goseul barabwa
Nuguboda sojunghan neol jikyeojulge mideobwa
Nae insaeng modeun uimi eonjena duri
Hamkkeramyeon haengbongmani gadeukhae yeongwonhi

Nae saengae gajang areumdaun sunganeun
Neol manna nunbusige saranghaetdeon sungandeul
Ije na ara neoraneun saram
Nae saengae gajang keun seonmul

Jigeum jabeun ne soneul nochi anheulge
Namjadapge yaksok jikilge

Sewori jinado sesangi modu byeonhaedo
Hangsang nan ne gyeote nae mameneun ojik neobakke
Nugu boda saranghanikka

Geu eotteon mallodo neol pyohyeonhagin bujokhae

Isesang gajang areumdaun sarameun
Neorago sucheon beoneul mareul haedo bujokhae
Eolmana neoreul sarang haneunji
Yeongwonhi gareuchyeo julge
Neol hyanghan nae sarangeun yeongwonhagi ttaemune

biology experiment =)

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assalamualaikum and good day

okay..pada hari selasa yang lepas student diploma sains aliran biologi (AS120 4B) telah melaksanakan satu experiment membedah tikus..huhu...mmg excited gila when i know bout this experiment la..p kwn2 yg len plak the other way round..hehe,,okay..let the story begin

Unikop Biology Lab
1 march 2011
AS4B students n Miss Irmawati Akma Hapiz(bio lect)
experiment title:
1.gas exchange in animal
2.heterotrophic nutrition
3.dissection of the mammalian circulatory system
4.dissection of the reproductive system of the rat

during the experiment,we are divide into 8 groups n in 1 group consists of 2 my partner was Lin Amira J..lin before start experiment tu..keep telling me.."erin,kamu berani tak,bedah tikus ni,ak serius lemah semangat..hehe.." lin2 xsangka plak kamu takut eh..p at last..she do more works than me..:) da tikus...comel rite..bulu dia halus jak..
time ni,tikus ni oredi fainted..rasa cian jak nak bedah..p its our job as doc wanabe konon..hehe..:p

ni..our lovely miss irma..wat demo bedah tikus..p not her doin dis..leave this task to harry and hassan..miss just guide that it will be more easy for us to conduct the experiment later..but u noe what guyz..time miss irma n dak lelain sibuk dgr penerangan the other way round..jalan sana sini..amik gambar suma..hehe:P

now..its time for us to start..:)..nah look..after operate the rat for about few minutes i guess..not few..but lots..:) it is not hard..p we need to be careful coz we afraid dat we might cut the blood capillaries n will causes bleeding n destroy the organ too..

cian kan tikus ni..sorry..:(..but we have too

take a closer look:)

im trying to show u guyz da small intestine of the rat..look like maggie rite..:)

closer look..:)

erin n lin..yeay..mission accomplished...:)

thanx lin..good partner:)

other frenz n their rat..:)

1.wan mira
2.jamil n sophie
3.yan n kak naz

   1. harry n hassan
2.bear2 n sae
3.mama n mira
4.zaty n sarah

now..just need to do the lab report n submit it on Monday..hopefully everything gonna be fine..and i can finish it up by saturday::) jugak operate tikus ni..n im proud to be science students..evendo i myself didnt like dis course..especially biology la..huhu+_+..p its okay coz i will try my best n push my self till the end..:)
nothing great was ever achieve without what u're doin..only then everything gonna be fine..insyaAllah..amin..:)




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