Friday, November 12, 2010

miss my blog...

Posted by ReenLysa at 12:12 AM

its been a long time rite..i havent write on dis crazychingu blog..well i currently busy with my study..yala..its exam corner guyz...n i oredi took 4 papers..ctu,bel,maths n bio..huh..n those paper really killin me..well..while i studying my biology...i cried..i dunno y..i oredi burn my nite and day juz to focus on it..n what i got??notin..i memorizing it...lots n lots n more n more..however, the more i tried..the more i failed to complete reading the whole notes..n im stuck..Allah forgive me for the laziness that i bring into myself..

maybe people seein me study like a crazy people that wont stop n aim to score high..however im not..i dream a lots rather than focusing on da paper i hold..i keep texting wif my frenz through da phone n suddenly i lose my mood n i cant treat him well..n i dun even noe what i had send to him..n suddenly"im ****** up with you" appeared on my hp screen..whats dat..did i deserved to get it..u really break my heart..n suddenly my tears fall down again again n cud u become so harsh to me..did i do sumtin wrong to you...+_+..if really i do..plz forgive me........i never mean to do it...101% forgive begging for u..

the end of the day n today morning i oredi took my bio 200 papers..n u noe what..i leave many blanks..there are many question dat i didnt answered well..n im totally scared rite now..n i piffle a lots..really..
i guess..+_+..7 essay question n i managed to answer well only seldom n da rest i just throw up whatever comes out from my mind on dat answer sheet...BLOOD n LOOSE CONNECTIVE TISSUE im truly sorry coz i cant finish doin u guyz..i didnt shared my time wif u for da last few days before i took dis fault n u too MR NITROGEN CYCLE...i only remember a few of u..ur 5 steps which i remember da most....n oso da TERRESTRIAL BIOMES..huhu...swear i oredi read but i totally forgot....

ANXIOUS...CHAOTIC..dats what i felt now........mmmm...hopefully everytin gonna be fine..i hope i will pass wif excellent grade...amin ..may Allah bless me n all my frenzz..amin^_^


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