Thursday, November 18, 2010

19th nov 2010

Posted by ReenLysa at 11:52 PM
yes..tomoro i will goin back to my sweet hometown..huhu

cant wait to go home n meet my parents n dearest sista..muahx..^_^
i oredi packed all my belongings that i shud bring back..
n oso i oredi bought many things to them such as clothes,shoes n any others la..
they must feel hepy to see it kan..

n tomoro oso my sis in law birthday..26 years old oredi
HAPPY BDAY KAK AINUL..n i love you juz like my own sista..
felt thnkful to hv u as my sis in law..
n u noe what..u r so pretty la..heehe..honest,,^_^
i hope u n my along will be happily ever after n cheer with gud sons..
n take care of da baby inside ur stomach now..^_^

n u noe what.. i oso felt like sumtin missing jz after i leaved da kolej..
i start to miss everything there..
my frenz..
my bed..
my toilet..
my room..
my stoberi..
my lect..
my classes..
my books..
my pencil box(luckily i bring it home)
my calculator
my enthusiasm while study..
my food stalls..
my soon hin..
n ofcoz miss my BIKE
n after i go back to tawau..i will seldom on9..or mybe not at all gonna miss u my blog..
n oso miss to on9 my chat wif my frenz..
aiyak...but its okey as long as i with my family...

okey to be precise..
my flight : AK5154
date: friday,19nov2010
time: 1535
arrive: 1825

i wish my flight will not be delay..
huhu..n i hope my journey goes smoothly...
okey..pray for my safety..amin..^_^


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