Monday, November 15, 2010

Last day at Unikop

Posted by ReenLysa at 12:28 PM
yesterday was da last day of our examination papers..for me n ain la..while da rest oredi went out from our hostel..n on the sunday morning lia oso went back to her santubong...huhu..i n ain shud focus for our chemistry papers plak..huhu..too tired..slept at 3a.m n woke up at 6a.m in the morning....n im too tired..we sent lia to da taxi stop at 7a.m...waited patiently till da taxi arrived n took our besties away to da kl will cost much i guess..nevamind..her money..^_^..after dat we went back n continued our revision..not revision actually..just revise a little bit for da formulas n headache comes again maybe coz im too tired for those few weeks of examination corner..owez sleep late..

while answering da lack of confidence..i cant answered it all..i just want to lay my head in da desk coz swear dat im too sleepy dat time..i cant focus to answer my chem paper..i just looked at da ques n my mind are notin..i dunno how nuch i tried to cross n dash here n there on da answer sheet coz i owez wrote da wrong formula n meaning..gormless..huh..i wish i cud pass dis exam..maybe coz dis is da last paper n i hv lost my spirit..huh..however its oredi over..wht i hv to do is..pray for da result im goin to get soon..anxious ni..^_^

okey..after went back from da exam..i n ain doin our last laundry at unikop for this semester.....n da next story...wait ya...^_^

EXAM oredi over
its time to HOLIDAY
it comes n goes from our life
but both are essential things for
STUDENT like us..
we will meet da exam n leave da  holidays for da next sem..
so..FOCUS more is needed k..


have a nice n wonderful holiday guyz...^_^


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