Saturday, October 30, 2010

crazychinguya days...

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today after took da ctu examination paper..we went out to GIANT..n having our lunch i guess..since we did not eat from da morning till enter n finish da exam..guess not hungry at all..haha..mybe coz nervous waiting for da exam..its quite tough..CTU 211..i can answered it well..but not so la..not piffle like my BEL paper..huhua..n Lia..CTU 263..said dat..her paper r difficult..yala..poor her..but i noe u can dear..amin^_^..we took da exam at da same examination hall..n its totally cool ya..why sitting next to da aircond and tudung blowing here n there..makin it unperfect..hehe...

my fingers totally hurt..holding da pen tightly and wrote for 2 hours nonstop..huh...cud u imagine..sakit bah tangan n jari2 saya..thank God la i managed to answer it all..evendo sumtimes i piffle around...n i keep watching lia actually whose sitting behind da corner..she looked blur la..haha..jwb pun letak kepala atas meja..=p..napa lia..serabut ya..poor her..but dun worry..we surely will pass dis CTU dear...n now we shud focus on da next paper kay....hwaiting...

rushed to our room..prepared for a while then went to wait for da taxi...arrived at GIANT..went to ATM n apalagi kasi kuar duitla...huhu..yala..MARA bru msukkan...but shud not over budget la..saving money is important for da future dear...then.we went to KFC...bought. 4 snack plates for me,cik yan,lia n fizaity..ate..wahh..then fizaity gave me her chicken..sum up..i ate 3 pieces of chicken..but still hungry...then we went inside da GIANT to buy some snacks..not some.. a lot i la..huhu....but its still under my budget k...

then we went to da KINGS to buy some bread first..however suddenly my beloved besties ni..lia...said dat she want a i bought for her..hehe..nevamind..she owez bought many things for i oredi owe her a lots...nah..lia..give u dis cake...^_^..n im totally hepy....then before went home...we bought ice cream....ate until full...n im totally full n felt like i want to vommit....huh...

went back home..
Lia oredi sleep ni..
im alone...
writing n facing her laptop..
wake up girl..
sayin u want to play games kn....
im out now..daaaa~~~~

Friday, October 29, 2010

어떤 좋은 하루 ^ _ ^

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당신은 이제까지 사람과 사랑에 빠지지 않았다당신은 사랑 섬세 한입니다 아시나요?
그냥 사람과 느낌과 그것을 재생 하는 것이 틀리다 하 고 그것만 누군가가 끝에 깨진 것 처럼 일부 사람들이 심장사랑입니다 순수 하 고 무고 한 생각 그래서 하십시오 그것을 오용 하지 않습니다...당신의 느낌을 정직 하 게 그것에 너무 오랫동안 보관 하지 않아...당신은 단지 그것을 후회 하 게 될 경우 발생...날 믿어, 난 그 상황에서 한 번 그리고 그것 처럼 하지 않을...사랑에 생각 하 고 그것을 낭비 할 수 없습니다사랑 매우 자주 오지 않는다일단 당신이 그것을 발견...그것은 어떻게 될 것입니다 궁금 하다.그것은 위대한 사람이 될 거 야 또는 재해입니다.어느 쪽이 든 하지 않습니다 포기 하지 못했습니다 및 다시 찾고 유지 하는 경우뭔가 아름 답 고 멋진 사랑이입니다.그래서 모든 초당을 소중히 해야...

Thursday, October 28, 2010


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Our lovely small room......where i n lia live since dis sem la i guess huhu......
love to stay in it so much..evendo it is small but its enuf for both of us to sleep eat talk sing n do a lots of funny things togetha as a crazychingu frenz.....BORNEo ROOM no 3...

BEL 311...

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anxiety.....anxious....what result im goin to get  totally stress rite now...
its all started yesterday......after took da BEL 311 totally crazy over it..dis is da first time in my life answering such a difficult question i so bad until i did not manage to finish da paper at exact time given...or coz im too lazy to write da essay...n just play safe coz i owez got a good result for dis paper..
dis is da bad begin for my examination......everytin doesnt seems right to me now......

i cud not watched da clock...i keep answering my question slowly without thinking bout da time dat oredi passed by..huh....when da lecturer announced there are 30 minutes more time left to answer da paper...i become totally rushed to finish my essay, coz i jz start to write my first body......huh....can u imagine how chaotic i felt on dat time..only God soft n clean childish handwriting had turn to such a an ugly disaster fonts ever..n i did not have much time left to look on da 2 articles given n just wrote whtever comes out from my mind........many grammatical errors i guess n a lots of childish n malay transition words.......arggghhhh its killin me....exhausted...i oso dont noe what are my main ideas for dat out of da actual topic i guess..n i piffle a lot rather than straight to da point....gormless..+_+

10 minutes left....n i struggled to finish da whole essay...out 0f 10...i thought i wud get 3 only..with my heady handwriting..i sure dat da examiner will totally blank n hard to understan what i oredi wrote there....5.15p.m..i hv to submit it evendo my heart wont...oh cud i hv more time to check it...but i noe..i cant...jz pray im gonna pass da paper evendo  not obtain excellent grade......

went to da bel department to check for my CARRY MARK...wheres Matrix no...searching n im still searching 2009423064...i got 14 for my speaking n 23 for my writing...sum up..i got 37 out of 50...n i got disappointed...i wish i cud get higher marks...i work day n nite n all out to finish my writing...does it worth enuf??+_+..its okay...God want it to be that i have to accept it without any objection........thankful

went back to my room.....n saw lia oso having trouble wif her paper i guess....huh..ORGAN DONATION SHOULD BE ENCOURAGE AMONG MALAYSIANS.............dis topic really killin us...tough...

da rest i leave it to God....i oredi do all out....usaha...doa n tawakal...amin

Monday, October 25, 2010

jz for us...

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exam around da corner guyz...
if u wish u want to get flying colours result..
then u shud prepare from now.... needs a lot of time...
tomorrow ur paper u shud stdy a weeks earlier
make short notes....last preparation wont help u..
i hv been in dat situation before n u will never gonna like it..
calculating..its tough.really.......jz  need to memorize da formula 1st..
then step by step start to DATE wif u MR maths  n ur MISS calculator..
u shud be aware n be ready for everytin...
not all things come smoothly as ur wish..evendo u pray nite n day..
as long as Allah want to test us..He will..n we shud noe
we cant run from it....becoz Allah love us..dats y Allah test us often..
failure doesnt mean it is the end for our life dear..
we shud keep on trying and trying..
coz we never noe whats waiting for us if we dont keep on trying..
my mom owez said..evendo life is hard..
disheartening..overwhelming..but behind every dark clouds..
theres owez a silver lining.......remember k......
me...seldom got bad result..n seldom got good result..
however..i never blame anyone...coz dats all come from me...
i was the one who shud be blame for...
coz of my own laziness hv put me on this situation..
but now i oredi realized it......
you cn have fun..singing..dancing...joking...talking all da time..but
 shud never ever forget ur responsibilities here..
WHY did you come here??
FOR what you want to stdy..
WHAt u shud contribute....
WILL u make your parents proud??
DID you obtain a gud result...GPA..CGPA
think of life is worth...we live only once......
so appreciate it...its precious u noe.......
dont let it go waste....really..
realize it now dear.....sooner or later u will noe....
what are the real meaning of life....
u shud noe how to balance duniawi and akhirat........
if u dont..
u urself will take da consequences
evendo ur heart wont...
Allah love we shud tell Allah dat we love Allah too..
by perform religious obligation well....amin..
evrytin gonna be fine then.......
no more tears..worry....

its come from my heart...reen..


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During our study week..
crazychingu watched dis drama..
korean drama..hehe,,
personal taste by Lee Min Ho..n Son Ye Jin
we fall in love..fav korean actor..hoho...
got heart attack evrytime see his cute face.....
overall..its really fun n interesting...
dis drama actually teach us a lots..
about love,
unity n so on...
we took about 3 days to finish da 16 episodes..huh....
evendo its quite tiring however its really interesting ya....
u too shud watch this drama.......


lee min ho is a very stylish young man
with the perfect look..pretend to be gay..
n however..
son ye jin such a clumsy gurlz
n unwell dress gurl...they become roomate
time pass by.......they belong together...
huhu...really sweettt

Sunday, October 24, 2010

its RAINY...but we still JOGGING la...

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assalamualaikum everyone......

24 october 2010...5.30 nastain n ika..n yan..went for jogging..suddenly...its raining,,,huhu...however..we still continue our journey to Taman Batu Muda Tambahan..running..running..the rain is comin..we cant stop it..huhu...lia..u run so fast..i cnt even run so fast like dat...huh..bein left alone at the back n im totally tired even i didnt do it all out..poor stamina i have..huhu..we passed by da highway..too many eyes lookin at us..moreover da motorcycle riders..shout loud at us..seems like they hvnt seen a cute gurls like us...haha..rain fall heavily..however we cn make it..we reached da park at last..thx GOD.....playin da buaian..huhu...but lia still running n running wif cik yan..HEY GIRL...cud u stop......its raining okay...u might get sick then dear..a few minutes i guess..da rain fall more n more gurl run..we shetered at da playground which hv small roof..n 8 of us need to stay there..cud u imagine.....about 6.30 p.m we went back to our hostel....huh...tired..but excited..dunno wht else to say...k..dats some pic....
intan,lia n yayan...sempat lg bgambar ya..saya yg amik ni..huhu^_^

Even if i die..i cant let you go..(english translation)^_^

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Even though I'm young, the pain is the same
Just because I don't know the world very well
Doesn't mean that I don't know pain

Why do you lie, saying it'll be okay?
How will my heart that hurts this much
Be healed so easily?
How will I live without you?
That's why I

Can't let you go, even if I die
How am I suppose to let you go?
Whether you go or leave, fix my heart
If you can't fix it so that I won't be in pain
So that I can at least live
I wouldn't be able to live anyway
I can't let you go, even if I die

No matter how much you push me away
I'll hold onto you until the end
So that you won't be able to go anywhere

If you're really going to leave, then lie
That we should meet again tomorrow
That we should meet as we smile
If breaking up wasn't a joke, then I

Can't let you go, even if I die
How am I suppose to let you go?
Whether you go or leave, fix my heart
If you can't fix it so that I won't be in pain
So that I can at least live
I wouldn't be able to live anyway
I can't let you go, even if I die

We went through so much time together
How are you telling me to live by myself now?
I can't do that, I can't

I can't let you go, even if I die
I really can't let you go
How am I suppose to let you go?
I can't let you go
Whether you go or leave, fix my heart
If you can't fix it so that I won't be in pain
So that I can at least live
I wouldn't be able to live anyway
I can't let you go, even if I die


Saturday, October 23, 2010


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Eoryeodo apeun geon ttok gata
Sesangeul jal moreundago apeungeol moreujin anha

Gwaenchana jil georago wae geojitmareul hae
Ireohke apeun gaseumi eotteohke shwipge natgesseo
Neo eobshi eotteohke salgesseo geuraeseo nan

Jugeodo mot bonae naega eotteohke neol bonae
Garyeo geodeun tteonaryeo geodeun nae gaseum gochyeo nae
Apeuji anhke na saragal surado itge
Andwindamyeon eochapi ussal geo
Jugeodo mot bonae

Amuri niga nal milchyeodo kkeutkkaji butjabeul geoya
Eodido gaji mothage

Jeongmal gal georamyeon geojitmareul hae
Naeil dashi manna jago useu myeonseo bojago
He eojijan mareul nong damirago animyeon nan

Jugeodo mot bonae naega eotteohke neol bonae
Garyeo geodeun tteonaryeo geodeun nae gaseum gochyeo nae
Apeuji anhke na saragal surado itge
Andwindamyeon eochapi ussal geo
Jugeodo mot bonae

Geu manheun shiganeul hamkke gyeokkeot neunde
Ijewa eotteohke honja sallan geoya
Geureohken mothae nan mothae

Jugeodo mot bonae, jeong mallo mot bonae, naega eotteohke neol bonae
Garyeo geodeun tteonaryeo geodeun nae gaseum gochyeo nae
Apeuji anhke na saragal surado itge
Andwin damyeon eochapi mossal geo
Jugeodo mot bonae

~ so sweet...luv dis song...hehehehe =}
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waa....lama da aku x tulis blog erin jak...skrg aku plak...lps skian lama aku kmpul crita, jd aku critakn blik kat cni...lps brpa mnggu nih, mcm2 trjdi...penat ngn drama la...apa la....sakit aku ttp kna hapy...skarang, erin tgh maen game...aku plak tlis blog...hmm...ape aku nk cita ni...suddenly idea ku ilng....

to my housemate (unit 23) da 11 of ya gurlz
1) i luv u its up 2 u guyz 2 appreciate it or not
2) i've done everytink 2 pleased u gurlz, but y can't u all understand me...
3) acting like u all gurlz never done any cleaning be4...what?????? come on la wei...
4) im so happy when everytink is clean n tidy...
5) yup....12:30 am...pliz la gurlz, can u just shut up..!!.(im angry rite now)huh...
6) exams is coming chaiyok2!!! wish u all gud luck...dekan2...
but however angry i am, i still keep it in my head n frustrated i am with u gurlz, i still keep it with frenz said dat if im angry just burst it out...ya...i would want to do it...really2 want to do it..but still i think of ya gurlz feelingzzz....bcoz i noe, if i get angry and scold ya gurlz,....hmm....merajuk..kcik ati....watsoever lah...

to my roommate (ZAIREEN) jelek...
1) yup..thanx 4 being my fren...
2) haha...
3) hahahaha
4) i don noe what 2 write anymore...
5) if i've done sometink wrong 2 u, SORRY...
6) ya..ya.. i noe i like 2 bully u...i juz luv 2 do it bah...hahaha
7) oh ya..thanx 4 da strawberry.. (she bought me a pillow) hehehe..
8) nanti aku smbung lagi..bnyak lagi bah...

i've started to merepek2 suda...yalh...focus erin maen game kat ataskn...apa lgi aku nk mrepek nih...wahahahahahhahaahahahahha

Friday, October 22, 2010


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Sungguh indah pengalaman sewaktu kita masih lagi kecil kan..........
masa itu masih lg kita belum mengenali erti kehidupan yang sebenar...seorang budak kecil yg berhati suci dan baik........buat apa2 pun tanpa berfikir.......emak dan ayah hanya tersenyum melihat telatah kita...........kalau lah masa itu boleh di ulang semula..ingin juga merasa kasih sayang itu lagi...dan memperbetulkn segala apa yg kurang sekarang.......tapi kita bukanlah siapa2 yg mampu memutar terbalikkan masa..hanya TUHAN yg bisa.....dulu kita ialah bayi dan kanak2 yg comel yg sering di puji2 oleh org lain..tapi apabila mnjadi dewasa..semua itu sudah hilang dan di ganti dgn perangai yg tidak berperikemanusiaan...sering mlakukn kesalahan...dn lebih teruk..mnderhaka kpd kedua2 org tua kita.....lg dashyat..skg bayi seumpama sampah....manusia sendiri mbuang bayi yg di anggap comel itu ke merata2 tmpt akibat dosa yg kita lakukn krana trlalu menurut duniawi.....dimana sifat kasih ibu dn dimanakah hilangnya tanggungjawab ayah.......bykkan berdoa dn mlakukn sgala perintah Allah agar kita tidak akn menjadi seprti org yg sudah2....ingat lah TUHAN.......seimbangkan tuntutan.... duniawi dan akhirat........tidaklah rugi.......dari Allah kita datang dan kepada Allah kita kembali..amin...

shining day......

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LOVE MY FRENZ SO........^_^

wish all of us have our own good and faith frenz^_^


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Allah knows whats the best for us..
so why should we complaint,
we always want the sunshine,
but he knows there must be rain,
we always want laughter,
and the merriment of cheer,
but our heart will lose,
their tenderness,
allat test us often,
with suffering and with sorrow,
He test us to punish us,
but to help us to meet tomorrow,
for growing tress are strengthened,
if they can withstand the storm,
and the sharpness of the chisel.
gave the marble its grace and form..
allah test us often..and for every pain..
He give us,,
provided we are patient,
is followed by rich gain..
so whenever we feel that..
everything is going wrong,
it just Allah make our spirit strong...amin^^


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Bermimpilah tentang apa yang kamu impikan,
pergilah ke tempat yang kamu ingin pergi
jadilah seperti yang kamu inginkan,
kerana kamu hanya memiliki satu kehidupan,
dan satu kesempatan,
untuk melakukan hal-hal yang kamu kehendakkan,
moga ianya sentiasa dalam reda Tuhan
Jangan tertarik kepada seseorang kerana rupa parasnya,
sebab ianya hanya sementara,
jangan pula tertarik kepada kekayaannya,
kerana kekayaan dapat memusnahkan,
tertariklah kepada seseorang,
yang dapat membuat kamu tersenyum,
kerana hanya senyuman yang mampu,
membuat hari-hari yang gelap menjadi cerah,
semoga kamu menemukan orang seperti itu,
semoga kamu mendapatkan,
kebahagiaan yang cukup untuk membuatmu baik hati..,
ujian yang cukup untuk membuatmu kuat,
kesedihan yang cukup untuk menjadikanmu manusia,
yang punya rasa simpati,
penghargaan yang cukup,
untuk menjadikan mu lebih bersemangat dalam menempuh kehidupan..amin^_^


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panas terik
hujan lebat
seram sejuk
suma pun ada..
ketawa kuat kuat
menangis....suma pun ada
huh...otak sudah lari sekejap..+_+
bertambah confusse dgn apa yg terjadi
kasih sayang
huh...suma pun nak.......
exam around da corner...but buku still tersimpan n tersusun rapi dlm kotak buku...
lia...when we gonna start..
i need medicine for dat....+_+
sick n tired
run out of time...
time is running out..huh
what im talkin bout..............
they leave me undone...where do i belong actually..........
wish both of u were here
ur son goin crazy......cant even start to stdy......
oredi overused you to buy sumtin for my stomach............
i dont need it...
my company
my forecaster
my pillow
my man........

mood: drunk butterfly..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Its already over....

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alhamdullilah..All praise to last all those works already finished up by today...drama..test..lab report n whatsoever..Evendo its really tiring, dishartening..but behind this theres alwayls a silver lining..^_^ really tired..too tired...actually....but its okay.. n i must be patient...think all da things honestly n only  then evrytin gonna be fine...okay..back to da main goin to tell one by one..


On 14 october 2010..our drama test bein held at UNIKOP student centre. our groups are the third performer on dat nite..huh..before went my room..i dunno what to do..not wearing any make up yet..n my baju still hanging on da bed..Lia already went to her class n get ready there..left me alone without any permission n im terkontang kanting bak org gila..huhu..n u noe wht..she also bring along da bunga sanggul..bear sae lyn..i will kill u all..its already 8..n im not ready yet..huh..they arrived few minutes later.. n huhauhah..bling222...i oredi done...huhu..PERFECt??..but i dnt think so...Rushed to da student center.sweat a lot a lot n a lot like rain fall..demolished all my make up...hhaha..hey boy dont u stared at me...i waited patiently...i looked at him...oh my GOD..i've got heart attack again..plz ..its killin me..the way he stail n act..jatuh cinta lagi..utk yg kesekian kali...^^..oh no..go away ur toxic butterfly dat act like pure butterfly..dont u dare make me fall in love wif da prince okay....huh..n lastly...we performed our teater...audience support us so much..n thx...its my turn to cat walk..n da butterfly comes again..bad butterfly..make me walk so fast..hehee..i hear loud..^^....owh...he stared at me again....dont!!!......go back...finish..the heppy..satisfied..thx you all..esp all da them..BELIEVE J


On 16 oct 2010..HEY YOU MR BIOLOGY..u killin me softly..y u are so hard to understand me..we dont even have any chemistry in ECOLOGY..i cnt undastand u..u break my heart..make it polluted with all those HEAVY METAL..which lead to serious heart problem..affect my respiratory system..6 hours doin notin..but jz starde at you..maikn me madly..PYRAMID..i cnt love you..when i look at u..i dunno what are the you talkin bout..CARBON saved my life...u r the one which i remember da most..i love you...LAB PHYSICS..u make me scared..n even u sir...i once again bein in a hot cold situation makes my brain lost for 2 hours..n im totally ZERO..lyn..ur answer sheet are written with words nicely..n mine..full wif dash here..cross there..huh..i cant even think how to answer..all butterflis fly in my brain..inside it..3.45 PM...STAPLE MY PAPER N THEN SUBMIT IT..SADLY+_+..LAB REPORT......TAKE IT JAMIL..N SEND IT IMMEDIATELY...HUHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...oredi done my best..relieved


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

its goin down,down n down..

Posted by ReenLysa at 5:18 PM 0 comments God...was it my fault...i wish i cud get higher least..huh...i burn my time jz to focus on dat assignment..but at last..wht i got..6.5 out of 10..huh..if from da earlier i noe dats was my marks mybe its okay..but coz of my sincerity..tell da lecturer dat i hv da articles related to my draft..its all gone..7 goin to 6.5..n its really hurt me...oh my me n cheer me up..n i jz want to cry td..miss said i plagarized others work..but im jz an unpredictable scene dat cnt be explain...huh..i really do not hv any intention or whatsoever to do it..swear!!!!its happen naturally n not copying..if i cn return da time back..but who am i to turn upside down all da truth dat have made by God..all i need to do now is be patient n do da best for my final wif other friday i hv to submit all those works..""lab chemistry dat hv been locked in da book rack which i cud not find da key anymore"" cud i manage to finish it up..spider web has blocked it up..miss..y u not telling us early..we oredi forgotten bout dat report....n then lab bio..y all of u guyz wnt to do such a easy works n put all da difficult one to team spirit at all...whose da leaders actually..we jz follow his instruction...n we jz take it honestly..but its okay la..n test n test on friday n saturday..owh..its killin me....MR BIOLOGY..u hvnt done wif me yet...y i shud follow n read u up...y u giv me such a difficult things to read....i cnt even think when was da last day i struggle like a pregnant woman dat wnt to giv  birth was too much..only GOD knows...n now..i hv to day n nite again..jz to read but u mr biology.....another...DRAMAQUEEN...u r so drama.........CINDERELLA u r killin me......................................props.....u make me tired n work on sumtin dat are not worthwhile at all..huh.....................dear me find my own self waiting for u faithfully.....

its look like im so emo now..but this is da truth..God give me strength.....dis thing happen bcoz im jz a weak person....let me find my true self then..n fly away from my own fairytale dream...:'(

Thursday, October 7, 2010

mood swings..

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i never felt so stressed in my life like dis b4...bein in hot-cold situation makes me fell sick even my body are well protected..huh...i just wish dat all my butterflies flying around me starts since i got back from cameron..i need to complete a lots of assigment plus wif all da test and even quizess and also our lab report..biology 10's correction..term paper draft..n mind are "0"..i cn even think wht shud i do first..mybe seems like i dun hv much to do...huh..okay..late in the evening..sumting unpredictable..embarassing..moment happened to me for the first time in my life...cud u imagine if sumone begging for u infront of da public n da person who begging is ur own friends that u dont like so much...huh..okey..dats really happen to me..he asked me to go for the USC dinner tonite coz he want to perform his song which are made especially for me..but i dun want okey..i hv a lot of works to do...plz..n during biology class..i hv trouble in concentrating because my mind flying without wings remembering da incident happen td..n im totally"0" dat time..i cud even undstand wht sir fyruz said..oh YOU....dnt put any burden of me..once i say NO..dats mean NO for da rets of life..u shud jz go away from my life previous year ago...ya i admit dat i like u b4..but jz as frenz..cud u plz jz giv up n giv me some space to live my happy life..huh...wht u do makes me wnt to go away from this college..i cnt even stand to see urs...huh..i noe..i hv da patience..but..u really killin it now..n u will deserve sumtin bad from me then...u push me to hard..i cnt even breath for my own freedom..who are you to control my life...go away!!..i appreciated all da kindness u show to me...but enuf until now...huh....okey...all of u r da same..

n..Mr F...i dunno wht shud i say bout sorry...if i can bring back all those sweet time we share together..if i can love u as before....however u will owez be da first in my heart.........

da rest i leave it to GOD...Allah maha hny mampu merancang..tapi cinta sgt membunuh..BEWARE OF IT........

Sunday, October 3, 2010


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Assalamualaikum everyone^^

Today was da last day at Cameron Highland..totally sad la...coz hv to leave dis beautiful n cold place that are far2 away from da weather at Unikop..heee...dat are unpredictable..n alwayz hot...but its okey ma...okey..i woke up at about 6 a.m..took bath n then hv my prayer..n its totally cold...bergegar2 suda bdn sy ni....cik yan still sleep...then..i packed all my clothes,pants n so on...then sir asked us to hv our breakfast.. i went to da cafe..hving my breakfast..nasi lemak n strawberry milk..then..we went to da bus..i bring so many was so heavy..i sit wif lyn...n then we stopped by da strawberry kea farm to buy some souvenirs..n i bought flowers..9 roses n 3..i dunno la apa nama dia...color white..n i oso buy 8 small packets  n 2 large packets of strawberries...n oso a box of butterfly keychains...after dat..we took some pic near da kea farm...wohooo...da wind blew so stong n it was so cold..i love it so muchy..after took da pic we went to da bus again...n now da bus ride us to cameron tea valley...da view of da tea farm was so amazing...however we did not managed to take pic...coz we are really tired but da rest took thir pic happily...a little bit of jelous...but its okay..wish i cud be there again wif my frenz..esp lia..haha...lia ko blanja aku g cameron..dr tambang smpi mkn smpi penginapan..huhahahhaha....okey..okey at bus..lyn n sofy are not feeling so well..they vommited...poor..i felt pity for them..however evrytin goin back to normal when we reached tapah to hv our lunch..penat plak cta...n da whole journey took about 5 hours...i reached unikop at about 6 p.m...okay..^_^

PrOuD Of yOur lOvE

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walking on the road
i'd think of going back
seeing your tears i reminisce
memories i just can't miss
my picture of our past
a timeless sentiment

every heartbeat that i feel
is every mile i step away from you
every night i count
i'd wish of holding you
a candle in an abyss
is what i am now

can't you feel the pain?
From the day you left me here?
You always been the friend i adore
more than anyone

my mind can still recall
the time you saved my heart
from the pain i felt
everything had already passed
through the way you changed my whole life
proud of your love....

tomorrow i will face the world all by myself
i miss the way you hold my hand
and every smile you share with me
tonight i'll pray sometime
you'll soon be back to me

i never thought of losing you
for all this time i guessed this love's forever
even if the strongest storm
would come our way

i promise you can always see me help you through
proud of your love
friendships will never end


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assalamualaikum everyone..^^

now i wnt to tell y'all bout my journey to da hutan LIPUR PARIT FALLS CAMERON HIGHLAND.......
today i wake up early in da morning at about 6.30 a.m n then hv my subuh prayer..after dat bgunkan azian...n after prepared..we went to da small cafe at our guest house..having our breakfast..we waiting for da bus to come n fetch us..after few minutes la.ter, da bus arrived..n our journey to da Hutan begin...i sit with lyn J..hee..
Okay..after arrived at da field work..we started to divided into 4 group is C..together wif sae,lyn n bear2..we then walked to da main area of our field work..its really challenging however its really fun..u too shud experienced it sweat at all i guess..hee..da hutan was really cold..i walked slowly and safely..afraid dat i might slipped to the ground or to da river coz da path dat we were takin r so slippery..careful ya..we went to da watch tower at cameron highlands b4 start our experiment..however da place oredi closed for a long time n no visitor allowed..really sad..but nvr mind..then we continued to walk until arrived at our field work to do all da experiment dat we asked to do...we stopped at several location to take some pic for memories....n oso..we took da soil sample..2 different soil from 2 different placed...on our way to find da soil..we hv seen one beautiful n unique creatures dat lay its egg...i dunno wht da name...

terjumpa semasa prjalanan crik sampel tanah..dia tgh brtelur tu..

after took all da soil sample..we continued our journey to da nex place to do quadrat...we  do 4 quadrat at different place..its quite tiring..huh..calculated all da species dat we hv found on da quadrat dat we hv made..hihi..jz guess da number randomly coz it so difficult to calculated it all....n then i write all da info we get from there...hee..after finished doin quadrat..we moved to another placed to do transect line...we shud calculated all da species dat touch the line dat we hv made...n also we calculated randomly n then i write all da data in da manual lab given...while evrybody was busy do a experiment i n da J..jz hving our time by takin picture2..n picture..huhu..however it is a missed if we didnt take pic are some pic while conducting da quadrat n transect experiment...
transect..if u notice..pokok  ni btk love
tgh wat quadrat

after dat..we went to da river to do experiment..Energy flow in ecosystem ..n its fun bco i love water so much..hee..da water was so cold..however i cn go into da water coz i dun want to be wet then..i will start to feel uncomfortable ...only bear2 n da rest go there..okay at da river..they collected some aquatic plant n animal..n also took da water sample to be seen under da microscope...n lastly..we hv finished all da experiment..jz need to pepared for da presentation at tookabout 4 hours to finish all da field work...n went back to da KRS pines...we walked to our guest house...after reached there..lunch for us hv been prepared..we ate until full...after dat..we went back to our room to perform prayers...jamak takhir coz its oredi asar....n took some rest...after dat we hv group disscussion to prepare for da presentation tonite...

AT nite.....presentation start at 9 pm..all peoples..gathered at da rest room of da KRS pines..2nd floor...we waited patiently for our turn..seems like sir did not feel satisfied wif all da groups...when our group turns to present...everyone paying full attention..n thx coz evrytin was okay...amin^^...n then went back to my room wif cik yan...n packed our bag...n took some unpredictable incident happen..azian hp fell into a glass full wif mushroom soup..n when she tried to open her fon..its oredi rosak bah..cian cik yan..xpa ya..later we buy a new one...


souvenirs for some of my frenz n family...

Now..its oredi 3.20 a.m//heeee..i need to wake up at 6.30 a.m,,,azian oredi sleep,,n now..i oso wnt to sleep..evendo my stomach sudah hungry nitez......^^..cameron it so!!!!lia nex tym kita g ya..heeeeeeee......^_^...bye

Saturday, October 2, 2010


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assalamualaikum everyone n especially to LIA...^^..sila bg sy keizinan utk menulis di sini ya..hee

let me tell about my journey to cameron highlands from my beloved unikop college..^^.. took about 7 hours to reach there..if im not mistaken..9a.m to 4p.m..ya...its a long2 journey...usually, da time taken to reached there not as long as 7 hours...its all bcoz da bus are in bad condition,we used da old path dat need more n more tym to reach n da pathway are terribly scary dangerously.....n we stopped at many destination...i sit wif sofy..b4 dat i sit wif cik yan..however i change my mind as i too wnt to hv tym wif da J n sofy...i oredi booked da same room wif cik we cn talk at our room later...but not wif da J n sofy...n after i changed my sit..i hv some arguement wif cik yan..mybe she feel touchable wif me..truly sory dear..n in a few minutes..we back to normal.. bus..i ate a lot of food..hee...toasted twister..jambu batu..super ring..bread..sweets..n otherz...however..i still feel hungry..i cnt sleep while da rest cn sleep tigthly i guess...n sofy who sit next to me..sleep really2 tightly..huu..guess she is "mabuk duduk lama2 dlm bus"..ofcoz lah..sudahla jalan bengkang bengkok mcm ular..hee...dan sejuk gla plak tu..adoi..+_+..if lia were here wif me..blh tdo sama dia..haha...

okey...after we arrived at Cameron highland...i can see theres a lots of STRAWBERRIES shop there...huuhu...cnt wait to go n buy all da strawberries items...okey...all of us went to our TWIN PINE challets..pusing punya pusing..finally we managed to find our challets..ofcoz la xblh jumpa sbb suda jd KRS PINE..adoi...entered da it look normal from the outside but at the beautiful..clean...n very2 make my heart satisfied..hee..okay..dont judge a book by its cover ya..^_^..n then unpacked..

Sir asked us to gathered at to go to pasar malam we went there..we took pictures together..naik bus g pasar..after arrived at pasar oredi cn see theres a lot of things i need to buy for all my frenz n family...n i oredi bought some...n i spend almost rm70 ringgit jz to buy souveniers for others n for me i jz bought bantal strawberry bah...but its okay..i oredi felt thankful coz hv a chance to go here...n i didnt eat nasi pun ari stomach meragam n singing dancing...hee..^^..but sumtin happen at pasar brinchang..i tought i oredi bought  12 strawberry keychains 4 my housemate..however after arrived at my room i calculated it all n theres only 11 what im gonna do...need to buy one more...+_+...hopefully still hv tym to buy it coz tomoro we''ll gonna be really2 bzy coz we hv 7 experiment to be carry out..

now in my room with cik yan..dia suda tdo bah..bilangnya mau solat..tpi suda tdo..n now...i wnt to read all da procedure of da experiment ...jz need to prepare so i will noe it better tomoro...okay...amin^^n face turned red...lia so cold...!!!!!


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