Sunday, October 3, 2010


Posted by ReenLysa at 11:05 PM
Assalamualaikum everyone^^

Today was da last day at Cameron Highland..totally sad la...coz hv to leave dis beautiful n cold place that are far2 away from da weather at Unikop..heee...dat are unpredictable..n alwayz hot...but its okey ma...okey..i woke up at about 6 a.m..took bath n then hv my prayer..n its totally cold...bergegar2 suda bdn sy ni....cik yan still sleep...then..i packed all my clothes,pants n so on...then sir asked us to hv our breakfast.. i went to da cafe..hving my breakfast..nasi lemak n strawberry milk..then..we went to da bus..i bring so many was so heavy..i sit wif lyn...n then we stopped by da strawberry kea farm to buy some souvenirs..n i bought flowers..9 roses n 3..i dunno la apa nama dia...color white..n i oso buy 8 small packets  n 2 large packets of strawberries...n oso a box of butterfly keychains...after dat..we took some pic near da kea farm...wohooo...da wind blew so stong n it was so cold..i love it so muchy..after took da pic we went to da bus again...n now da bus ride us to cameron tea valley...da view of da tea farm was so amazing...however we did not managed to take pic...coz we are really tired but da rest took thir pic happily...a little bit of jelous...but its okay..wish i cud be there again wif my frenz..esp lia..haha...lia ko blanja aku g cameron..dr tambang smpi mkn smpi penginapan..huhahahhaha....okey..okey at bus..lyn n sofy are not feeling so well..they vommited...poor..i felt pity for them..however evrytin goin back to normal when we reached tapah to hv our lunch..penat plak cta...n da whole journey took about 5 hours...i reached unikop at about 6 p.m...okay..^_^


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