Sunday, October 3, 2010

PrOuD Of yOur lOvE

Posted by ReenLysa at 10:37 AM

walking on the road
i'd think of going back
seeing your tears i reminisce
memories i just can't miss
my picture of our past
a timeless sentiment

every heartbeat that i feel
is every mile i step away from you
every night i count
i'd wish of holding you
a candle in an abyss
is what i am now

can't you feel the pain?
From the day you left me here?
You always been the friend i adore
more than anyone

my mind can still recall
the time you saved my heart
from the pain i felt
everything had already passed
through the way you changed my whole life
proud of your love....

tomorrow i will face the world all by myself
i miss the way you hold my hand
and every smile you share with me
tonight i'll pray sometime
you'll soon be back to me

i never thought of losing you
for all this time i guessed this love's forever
even if the strongest storm
would come our way

i promise you can always see me help you through
proud of your love
friendships will never end


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