Thursday, October 7, 2010

mood swings..

Posted by ReenLysa at 11:09 PM
i never felt so stressed in my life like dis b4...bein in hot-cold situation makes me fell sick even my body are well protected..huh...i just wish dat all my butterflies flying around me starts since i got back from cameron..i need to complete a lots of assigment plus wif all da test and even quizess and also our lab report..biology 10's correction..term paper draft..n mind are "0"..i cn even think wht shud i do first..mybe seems like i dun hv much to do...huh..okay..late in the evening..sumting unpredictable..embarassing..moment happened to me for the first time in my life...cud u imagine if sumone begging for u infront of da public n da person who begging is ur own friends that u dont like so much...huh..okey..dats really happen to me..he asked me to go for the USC dinner tonite coz he want to perform his song which are made especially for me..but i dun want okey..i hv a lot of works to do...plz..n during biology class..i hv trouble in concentrating because my mind flying without wings remembering da incident happen td..n im totally"0" dat time..i cud even undstand wht sir fyruz said..oh YOU....dnt put any burden of me..once i say NO..dats mean NO for da rets of life..u shud jz go away from my life previous year ago...ya i admit dat i like u b4..but jz as frenz..cud u plz jz giv up n giv me some space to live my happy life..huh...wht u do makes me wnt to go away from this college..i cnt even stand to see urs...huh..i noe..i hv da patience..but..u really killin it now..n u will deserve sumtin bad from me then...u push me to hard..i cnt even breath for my own freedom..who are you to control my life...go away!!..i appreciated all da kindness u show to me...but enuf until now...huh....okey...all of u r da same..

n..Mr F...i dunno wht shud i say bout sorry...if i can bring back all those sweet time we share together..if i can love u as before....however u will owez be da first in my heart.........

da rest i leave it to GOD...Allah maha hny mampu merancang..tapi cinta sgt membunuh..BEWARE OF IT........


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