Saturday, October 2, 2010


Posted by ReenLysa at 12:14 AM
assalamualaikum everyone n especially to LIA...^^..sila bg sy keizinan utk menulis di sini ya..hee

let me tell about my journey to cameron highlands from my beloved unikop college..^^.. took about 7 hours to reach there..if im not mistaken..9a.m to 4p.m..ya...its a long2 journey...usually, da time taken to reached there not as long as 7 hours...its all bcoz da bus are in bad condition,we used da old path dat need more n more tym to reach n da pathway are terribly scary dangerously.....n we stopped at many destination...i sit wif sofy..b4 dat i sit wif cik yan..however i change my mind as i too wnt to hv tym wif da J n sofy...i oredi booked da same room wif cik we cn talk at our room later...but not wif da J n sofy...n after i changed my sit..i hv some arguement wif cik yan..mybe she feel touchable wif me..truly sory dear..n in a few minutes..we back to normal.. bus..i ate a lot of food..hee...toasted twister..jambu batu..super ring..bread..sweets..n otherz...however..i still feel hungry..i cnt sleep while da rest cn sleep tigthly i guess...n sofy who sit next to me..sleep really2 tightly..huu..guess she is "mabuk duduk lama2 dlm bus"..ofcoz lah..sudahla jalan bengkang bengkok mcm ular..hee...dan sejuk gla plak tu..adoi..+_+..if lia were here wif me..blh tdo sama dia..haha...

okey...after we arrived at Cameron highland...i can see theres a lots of STRAWBERRIES shop there...huuhu...cnt wait to go n buy all da strawberries items...okey...all of us went to our TWIN PINE challets..pusing punya pusing..finally we managed to find our challets..ofcoz la xblh jumpa sbb suda jd KRS PINE..adoi...entered da it look normal from the outside but at the beautiful..clean...n very2 make my heart satisfied..hee..okay..dont judge a book by its cover ya..^_^..n then unpacked..

Sir asked us to gathered at to go to pasar malam we went there..we took pictures together..naik bus g pasar..after arrived at pasar oredi cn see theres a lot of things i need to buy for all my frenz n family...n i oredi bought some...n i spend almost rm70 ringgit jz to buy souveniers for others n for me i jz bought bantal strawberry bah...but its okay..i oredi felt thankful coz hv a chance to go here...n i didnt eat nasi pun ari stomach meragam n singing dancing...hee..^^..but sumtin happen at pasar brinchang..i tought i oredi bought  12 strawberry keychains 4 my housemate..however after arrived at my room i calculated it all n theres only 11 what im gonna do...need to buy one more...+_+...hopefully still hv tym to buy it coz tomoro we''ll gonna be really2 bzy coz we hv 7 experiment to be carry out..

now in my room with cik yan..dia suda tdo bah..bilangnya mau solat..tpi suda tdo..n now...i wnt to read all da procedure of da experiment ...jz need to prepare so i will noe it better tomoro...okay...amin^^n face turned red...lia so cold...!!!!!


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