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biology experiment =)

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assalamualaikum and good day

okay..pada hari selasa yang lepas student diploma sains aliran biologi (AS120 4B) telah melaksanakan satu experiment membedah tikus..huhu...mmg excited gila when i know bout this experiment la..p kwn2 yg len plak the other way round..hehe,,okay..let the story begin

Unikop Biology Lab
1 march 2011
AS4B students n Miss Irmawati Akma Hapiz(bio lect)
experiment title:
1.gas exchange in animal
2.heterotrophic nutrition
3.dissection of the mammalian circulatory system
4.dissection of the reproductive system of the rat

during the experiment,we are divide into 8 groups n in 1 group consists of 2 my partner was Lin Amira J..lin before start experiment tu..keep telling me.."erin,kamu berani tak,bedah tikus ni,ak serius lemah semangat..hehe.." lin2 xsangka plak kamu takut eh..p at last..she do more works than me..:) da tikus...comel rite..bulu dia halus jak..
time ni,tikus ni oredi fainted..rasa cian jak nak bedah..p its our job as doc wanabe konon..hehe..:p

ni..our lovely miss irma..wat demo bedah tikus..p not her doin dis..leave this task to harry and hassan..miss just guide that it will be more easy for us to conduct the experiment later..but u noe what guyz..time miss irma n dak lelain sibuk dgr penerangan the other way round..jalan sana sini..amik gambar suma..hehe:P

now..its time for us to start..:)..nah look..after operate the rat for about few minutes i guess..not few..but lots..:) it is not hard..p we need to be careful coz we afraid dat we might cut the blood capillaries n will causes bleeding n destroy the organ too..

cian kan tikus ni..sorry..:(..but we have too

take a closer look:)

im trying to show u guyz da small intestine of the rat..look like maggie rite..:)

closer look..:)

erin n lin..yeay..mission accomplished...:)

thanx lin..good partner:)

other frenz n their rat..:)

1.wan mira
2.jamil n sophie
3.yan n kak naz

   1. harry n hassan
2.bear2 n sae
3.mama n mira
4.zaty n sarah

now..just need to do the lab report n submit it on Monday..hopefully everything gonna be fine..and i can finish it up by saturday::) jugak operate tikus ni..n im proud to be science students..evendo i myself didnt like dis course..especially biology la..huhu+_+..p its okay coz i will try my best n push my self till the end..:)
nothing great was ever achieve without what u're doin..only then everything gonna be fine..insyaAllah..amin..:)




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