Monday, March 28, 2011

hi there..:)

Posted by ReenLysa at 4:04 PM

should i start it with A BIG SMILE :))))))))  or SIGH ..:(((((((..???

oh,weekends..weekends..i love you so much..could i have a relationship with you??

weekdays..weekdays..i do love you..but u coming so fast and steal my weekends..:(

lately, time goes by so fast, yet maybe because we already grow much older and our double triple free time already gone by time..:)..we have so much thing to be focus on recently..oohh..not just recently,but afterwards,there will be a lot more to be fight on..yup..we got FINAL EXAMINATION to fight on..

start from 20 april till 8 May i guess...i only have 4 papers to date with while Lia have 2 papers..then,we gonna have be precise..(SHORT HOLIDAYS) only okay...or maybe not at all..aiyoo.."sem ni cuti sekejap saja la"-_-"register back on 30th May 2011..

and more..i will not be goin back to my Hometown...+_+..sabar jak la erin...

oh..this is it or is just the way it is..Allah already fated it to be this way..we as Allah servants should follow it up without any objection okay..:)..

zone: encik n pacik STRUGGLING zone already waving at us...:)

Love Erin..


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