Friday, March 18, 2011

a day...

Posted by ReenLysa at 1:47 PM
Assalamualaikum,annnyeonghaseyo..nice day dear readers..:)

when u get busy with something and work really hard to finish it up, but later on it all turn out to the way which you would never want it to be..QUIZ postponed,ASSIGNMENT postponed,CLASS CANCELLED but need to be REPLACE to the other day...everything sounds to be good right??

but its totally make you more chaos..everything seems to be under control.Imagine,if you already prepared for your test,quiz an so on,but suddenly your lecturer cancelled it..what the butterfly i guess right??suddenly your spirit and enthusiasms thumbs down back..could you get it back??and i found it more difficult to study and focus on those things back..and then your flying colour result will be fade colour result afterwards..

n my Bio 250 quizess ..again and again fail....=_='' calm n erin...

but..i keep remind myself..whatever happens to me n other person in this already been stated since we exist in this world..we cant change it neither obstruct it..we must follow the saying goes,April showers bring may flowers..eventhough today is not your lucky day,who knows in the future it will turn out to the way you want it to be..:).so,we cant sigh..or take it too seriously till affect our mood and people around us...keep on focusing with your goal and always have your prayers with you..InsyaAllah..amin:)

with Love..:)


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