Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life is rarely the way we want it to be...

Posted by ReenLysa at 12:44 PM

Last night,i teribbly had such a affect my mood so much as i have to do many assignment..statistics,3 csc assignment,and upcoming bio and chem kuiz n test..i dont know which one should i start first??i keep studying my QMT and i found nothing and i whispered to myself.."am i stupid already?why i cant answer even single question??i have learned it before..did my brain failed to function properly as before??did i too over with my own excitement until i neglect my own responsibilities as a students??did i..mmm..:(..

then,i go see if my classmate were there on my facebook screen..want to ask them about their ASSIGNMENT..and it totally disappointed me too..they also have the same problem as me,which they cannt solve the problems of QMT too..we have to submit it on Monday..and out of 10 question, i only managed to answer 4 question well and the rest i leave it's not like im not trying to solve it..but i myself couldnt find the solution..hopefully everything gonna be fine afterwards..

A little longer,i think i want to stop..stop from getting in contact with all of those STUDY thing..can i??mm..but then..i realize that,LIFE IS RARELY THE WAY WE WANT IT TO BE..first i came to this college,i start it with whishes and excitement without knowing the consequences and obstacles lies between me afterwards..along the way,in the middle,i just felt like i ..want to quit,pack my things and went sabah..i cried and cried..but i already in the halfway to finish my does it worth to quit now?and now im trying to regain back my spirit and thumbs up my enthusiasms again..and tell myself "you must do it erin,its quit,you fail.."this is what we called life,we should struggling to get a good ending of our life and after life too,not everything we can get in twinkling time..its a rocky journey..full with thorns and hurts sometimes..but after we achieve what we want,we will feel so relieve..and dats relive is just like a heaven..:)

so..never give up thankful and grateful to Allah because He just give us another day to see this beautiful world..:)..the sun use to shine so bright everytime we woke up in the morning..cant you see the wonderful creation which made by Allah..:)..and during night,the moon start to illuminate the world..:)..

love erin..:)


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