Saturday, March 12, 2011


Posted by ReenLysa at 2:11 PM
lia..i hope u like this polka dot gtu..i dunno what else to choose..i found out this one was so cute..n suit us too..haha..dont worry..we will try n try other layouts k..:)

hey..cpat la upload gmbr bju tu..:) nk story ni.. last i meet my family too..sorri x g kelas bio..takut gila ni nk jwb soklan miss irma t..dah la aku paranoid kata lin..p xpala..bru first time x g kelas..hehe...

now i currently bzi..wif my family...huhu..really excited coz hv chances to meet them..
blh tak kalo aku xnk balik???hehe..:)...tgk ni betapa happynya aku..:)...


and our little boy...sgt syg dia..muahhxxx....bertanbah2 lg kn family kmi..oh sy menjadi mak cik...mak cik erin..:)..sgt comel..hehe

love erin:)


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