Saturday, April 30, 2011


Posted by ReenLysa at 11:33 PM
syukur Alhamdullilah..

at last examination zone already end..:)..wowow..n ya..its really tough..+_+..our examination papers this sem quite hard n the question kinda weird la..=_="..p its okay..coz we already tried our best..n lets pray that everything gonna be fine afterwards..our result..hopefully we pass the exam with flying colors ya..:)

qmt110,csc134,bio250,chm257...among those four subject which i took this semester, qmt110 seems to be the most easiest one, the end,i found that,it was the killer one..i did not managed to finish it up according to the time given..3 stuck while answering the question,coz i carelessly applied the wrong formulas and it affect the whole a consequence the other ques,i failed to work it all out..n dont hv time to check those numbers back..:"(..but, sigh..but praying hard..ya still praying hard..whishing,everything gonna be just fine then...:)

about more than a weeks,i study really hard..coz i prefer hard than smart..and out of 100%..i just hv quality of..70%..which i only perform 70%..and the rest..leave out elsewhere..even though i cant stand for my own lectures and want to quitthen i start to realized and ,i think very well about the consequences of not taking advantage of the opportunity of free time i had..:)

Even though the opportunity seems to be 50-50 to obtain such a good-colors-result just like previous semester..but,i strongly believe that there will always be other opportunities that.."drop in".. even though they might not be the same as the previous semester which i could obtained such a satisfying result..:)

so guyz..lets pray together..may Allah bless us all..;)..amin..:)..

Alhamdulillah..:) ::exam done:: bismillahi tawakkal tu'alallah..:)

now lia already went back to her lalaland..KUCHING..enjoy ya..while me..stuck in this busy town..but its okay coz i have chance to meet my little dear-baby-boy-cutest one for me..hafiy..wait for your cute-aunt-erin ya..hehe..:)

love erin..:)


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