Saturday, April 2, 2011

EXPRESS sumting..

Posted by ReenLysa at 11:51 AM

wish i could be a new born baby once again..:')

but..we cant do so..:(..

who we are to turn upside down everything that have been made by Allah..??

so..should felt thankful coz Allah have made you as one of HIS greatest creation..:)

as we grow older,only then we realize what is the real meaning of this life..full of thorns and flowers sometimes..:) smile as long as you can eventhough storm came after you..don't be sad,yet take everything as one of the test from Allah..

when we were young,we only know how to depend with others,especially with our mom dad..n our sibling maybe..we didnt know what is the true colors of life out there..

and now...SO MUCH DIFFICULTIES....everything become miserable as we grow older..everyone keep pushing us..everyone seems to be differ..yet, im strong to face this through..just wish everything gonna be fine soon..:)


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