Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Posted by ReenLysa at 8:14 PM
wah dat was too great are so lucky dear..:)...they must be wandering why did you got the prize right..but that was the fate and its already written by Allah and you deserve it i hope you can publish the photo of your new home theater there...:)..

i feel differ from before now as i love to stay at this room frequently rather than went outside with the juniors n ain too...not becoz i dont want too..but as usual early in the semester i dont have much money to next time i will..:)....maybe they feel uneasy with me this previous day..and i felt guilty too...

okay..tomorrow 1dec im going to have another appointment at HKL..luckily ejump will accompany me..:)..i hope everything gonna be fine afterwards...he works at secret recipes now..but he didnt even give me any cakes from there even i eagerly want it..haha..:P...

okay..i miss you so much alia..i wish we can meet up someday and share more stories k...:)

take care of yourself...muahxxxxx!!!

nah..gambar aku dgn ain masa g zoo..:)..ada byk lg ni.....t bg tgk ya..:)


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