Monday, September 19, 2011 =)

Posted by ReenLysa at 11:18 PM
really tired today...whole day baca ETR, then my eyes just cant stand of looking at all sampah around the room, infront, at the back..toilet....sup lipas!!! so ive clean it all up..cuci2.... wow...bersihnya.. tapi kejap ja tu...

p/s owner of sup lipas, i wont wash ur sup ok!!!

rite now!!!

(>_<)v lya..


XTRiBe said...

when im not around that will happen n when u r not around will become more disaster i nex sem i will be the one who clean up all those mess n dirty stuff again..aiyak..hehe...n when both of us gone,,,it will be totally a real disaster...pray.hard.for.that.someday..wish all the girls can learn what is the meaning of cleanliness n apply it :)..uwaa...feel like dying when think about the sup n all the strong lia!!!focus on ur paper...caiyokkk!!<3...(ERIN ni..guna email alongku..malas mau log out..haha)

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