Friday, September 23, 2011


Posted by ReenLysa at 12:04 PM
CHANGE is never that easy..we fight to hold on and we fight to let go..

FOR THE SAKE OF ISLAM...i'm sincerely change towards HIM..


i've learned so many hardness throughout the journey of my life, i wish i could be a baby once again who are free from any sins and then i wish to colour my life beautifully and would not let any one destroy the beautiful life of hard,sad n guilty it is when think about the previous moment in my life which i didnt remember that ALLAH is watching every steps i take,every move i make..even when im not saying or done it..ALLAH know what i have in my heart....

THANK YOU coz even it is almost 20years my path towards You...i'm not going astray...:")

I felt really grateful and Alhamdulillah, i've began to learn, how to whisper praise and thank you to Allah, for every single sincere smile that curved around my lips and grateful tears from my eyes..thank you ALLAH for the stormy before which teach me a lot of hardship yet make me grateful and i know it cant rain forever..:")...sooner or later the rainbow appear too..:)

but yet..Ya Allah, i am not your most faithful servant, i commit sins yet I tell people not to,forgive me and strengthen my Imaan..:"(

love ERIN..:)

                           each day is a give from Allah for HIS servant,be grateful:)..Alhamdulillah...


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