Sunday, February 27, 2011

kalau awak x makan..saya makan tau..

Posted by ReenLysa at 6:57 PM
assalamualaikum...gud day..:)

okay guyz..if my lovely besties Alia Nuurlysa ni xmakan carrot,soya,cendol, the other way round..i loikee it very muchyy..n i will tell y i love it so much..muahaha....hah..for lia..u better take note bout dis..:P kriuk kriuk carrot..bila di makan begitu sahaja..pasti bunyi kriuk2 ada..hehe..u noe what guyz..everytime lia bought a food which have carrots..she will gave da carrots to me.huhu..dats mean she loves me..coz she wants me to become healthy..actually..carrot have a lots of nutrional values such as it contains a large quantities of vitamin A which is in the form of beta carotene..beta carotene is actually an anti oxidant,which can slow down the ageing process..and also good for our eyes..other than also can prevent cancer because it have anti-carcinogen,if you want to have beautiful skin..u shud eat carrots more:) nah..there you actually have lots more advantages..


another more...tauge or beansprout..ya ampun..dis veggie was so delicious ma...bila di makan bersama wonderful..bak kata sae J.."da taste is cute" my syg lia ni..pun ndak suka bah makan toge..aiyaya..nggak apa sama sy aja kok..:)..okay now let me tell you all about da beansprout advantages lak..bean sprout are a storehouse for a large number of vitamins and is extremely good for our increase the digestive enzymes in our body which then facilitates the digestion process in our body.oOther than that, it contains significant amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin B and proteins which are needed by our body for proper functioning of various body system..:)

then milk..wahh..before ni i oso dont like to drink milk..p lan yg ajar sy..:) katanya minum susu wonder la he have such a fairer skin coz he drink this susu since child lg..non stop tu..n i then follow his step..drink milk during day n nite..p now i rarely drink it..haha..malas nk wat..nk suh lia dear frenz..actually milk ni sgt good for our health la..some may like it..n some may not..yala..kita lahir2 jak dah start minum susu kan..aiyo..dont be like a bean that forget it shells la...haha..Milk ni is an ideal source of nutrientss such as vitamin A n B, calcium, carbohydrate,phosphorus, magnesium,protein,zinc and riboflavin actually ada byk g mcm..good for our skin,sbb dia ada lactic acid which can remove dead skin it is good for our bones too..calcium to sgt essential for growing and developing of bone tissue..n mmg byk g la..kalo nk cta..smpi esok pun x abes..want to know more..g laman web ni..:)....

haha..cakap sal cendol..bru jak td aku makan cendol..sedap..:)..okay la..before ni..i dont like cendol too..coz penah aku terlihat dulu, my neighbourhood ni wat cendol selekeh gila..u noe what..dia guna baldi untuk mandi tu..mix up everything..da ingredients..n then stirred it using hand..wohoho..what the butterfly i guess..start from that day..i owez have negative thought n feeling bout cendol..ta mau mkn lg..:(..hehe..p after i went to KL along owez bought cendol for me..mau xmau..mkn jak la..n it was delicious ma..till now..i love cendol..kat unikop blh dapat dkat 7e tu...p x sesedap cendol yg along slalu beli...okay la..untuk cendol.i dunno what is da advantages..haha..yala..manis tu..byk gula..p time panas2..mmg sedap gila menghirupnya..yala..we can eat it but dont take it owez...:)..
p/s: lia sedapa apa bnda hijau tu..:P

to lia..evendo we may not have a lots of similarities..but im so glad to be your frenz..hehe..i accept you for the way you are..n i hope u are the same too...respect your loikee and disloikee..n i hope you respect mine too...:P..p sy suka makan lobak,tauge,susu n cendol...:)



lya said...

ow....aku tlis sket je, ko bnyak plak ye...hahaha
o.okay...!!! tunggu kau..hahaha =P

ReenLysa said...

haha..pasni..aku nk debate ngn ko best jak..pasni nk cta sal ct ag...:)

lya said...

haa...yala... tulis la psl ct, taylor swift...nt aku debate ko baek punya...huhuhu beware..hahahha =P

Anonymous said...

benda hijau tu mmg geli.. hahha...
tpi dah masok dalam ais, hilg geli..
sejuk je tekak.. hahha...

ReenLysa said...

huhu...btul tu..sedap gila....:P
okay lia..taylor..ct..love222..:

♥ Belle said...

meriah! :D

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