Friday, February 25, 2011

Think Of It

Posted by ReenLysa at 10:38 PM

"every man alone is sincere. at the entrance of a second person, hipocrisy begins"

tell me i'm clever,
 tell me i'm kind,
 tell me i'm cute,
 tell me i'm sensitive,
 graceful and wise,
 tell me i'm perfect,
 but tell me the truth

to be different is something that i hate most..but i had to do it..starting to realize all about it and it makes me feel really bad about it. does it have to be like this? who are you to judge me? thought of being hypocrite is a fun game? just think about it again..YOU! because of you, i can realize how hypocrite you are..with your faceless image, i just can smile although its bothering me. ya.. i'm a hypocrite too...i'm not perfect..i have my own feelings..i have my own life..i have my own priority..we're just buzz off with my life..there's no need of your symphaty because its just annoyed me..because you are not you anymore..


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