Tuesday, February 22, 2011

stress kah??? no more la ^_^

Posted by ReenLysa at 3:05 PM
assalamualaikum n good day..

tengok gambar pun dah tau kan..:)..okay i think dat im fully of stress for da past few weeks before..everything seems to screwed me up..n im totally burning in the inside..its not like im mad at someone or whoever..but all these things come from my own self...too many quizess and test i have to face through in such a limited time to catch up all those science subject which really make me dizzy..sometime i juz felt like i wanna give up n put a full stop for my study.... p im dead then..hehe...its okay for da first coz i know that dis is my responsibilities as a student...guess what..5 days i have to woke up early in the morning at 6a.m n burn my midnight till 2 or 3a.m in the morning..but it end up in nothing..i studied so hard..memorizing, calculating, understand sentences by sentences and formulaes...but i dunno where did i went wrong till i got such a bad results.. my frenz asking me what result i got..but im ashamed to show it to them...yala,they got gud marks whereas me,+_+...aiya..p i shud felt thankful la..coz i pass jugak...lol...so next time...studynya biar berkualiti..ngak penting selama mana kok kamu stdy..yg penting cara kamu memahami...:) usaha doa n tawakal itu yg penting...

 i keep whispering again n again..."be calm erin, this is just da beginning..u r da one who made everything seems to be hard..actually it is not like that...just fasten ur seat belt n enjoy da rocky journey of ur life :) it is not a challenging life if you owez get what u want..even u r not among da luckiest person in da world who have such a brilliant brain, but u shud be thankful to Allah becoz u still can further ur stdy and u r not stupid either...think about millions or billions people out there whose still cant have chances like you"..amin erin..sdar jugak ko kn...

Our lives don't always turn out the way we planned.....n in life we rarely get what we want in twinkling time..some might get it without need to be hasty and some might get it after work all out...:) n im among da all out one...

so from now on i jz hv to stay focus on my goal and i will owez remember that each small step will bring me a little closer to da goal that im heading on..not to forget..Allah is owez by myside  Allah will lead me to da good things that i seek in my life..amin..:)

and thanks to you...ya you...i love you so much...you are the best comforter ever....:)



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