Sunday, January 30, 2011

THANK YOU ALL for JanuarY..

Posted by ReenLysa at 3:56 AM
i juz want to say thank you to them for da enjoyment they brought to me for this January...
mak n abah..i love you... abby n angah juga
wpun jauh kamu selalu
mbahagiakan daku... along n kak ainul...coz lastly they bought a laptop for me.i look for da cheapest one..erin ni..sapa xknal..mesti crik yg pling murah..asalkn blh guna kn..hehe...n it took one day for us to install all da program..n its quite tiring..not quite..but absolutely tiring..sit in front of da laptop for many hours i guess..but end up in a gud things..thanks for both of them so mucchhyy...^_^

Secondly to my J besties...SOPHIE..for giving me ur "Kasih sayang"..u owez make me suprised u noe..honestly i said..i owez want u to noe dat im helping you without need any return..anyway thx for da butterfly ..i do love it..u r precious<3

Then to my roomate..esp AIN n LIA..u owez make me smile.laugh,cry..evendo it started with a tears on da January till the end of january..but still im strong enough to face both of u rite..hehe..hiding my teddy b4 i went home was absolutely make me mad actually..but its okay..haha..thanks coz owez belanja saya makan ya..ain n ur tortoise..happily ever after ya..lia n you^^thx temanin sy jogging..both of u are the apple of my eyes.. 

N oso da J...lyn,sae,bear..sgt seronok bersama kalian..t kita tgk wayang lg ya...thx coz accept me being part of da J..three of u are so precious to me...walaupun jarang meluangkan masa bersama...i jz hope dat our friendship will last forever...amin^^

n oso..Cik Yan..peneman sy ke kelas....n my comforter^^ syg cik yan..

n oso..da gurlz in unit 23

all my bestfren dat owez be beside me...


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