Friday, December 10, 2010


Posted by ReenLysa at 1:26 PM
today is the day where all da uitm student got their exam result and of coz erin and me are one of them.. for diz sem, i've studied alot of tough subject...ARAB,CSC,CTU,and my unfavourite subjct,MAT108(maths!!) its really a tough sub 4 me...and ive already tought dat i would repeat next sem...repeat??? come i would not be all da in da last minute...i shouldnt do dat...shud not waste my time juz like dat...sometimes when i think bout it again..oh my, how frustrated i am.. i can imagine dat next sem, i would be sitting in da juniors class and repeat back arab..ctu..and especially maths!oh no!! log into da student portal, fo my result link..and...oh my God!!!!!!

atlast..wat i've been thinking be4 is just dream and silly imagination... i've pass my semester 3 examination...YEAHHHH!!!! cant blieve it, and thinking dat "did they wrong counted my result??" praise to was a really grateful result for me..smester by smester my pointer naik! have to keep it up.. my point would be better if i study more than juz waste my time...hehehe.. but, really!! Alhamdulillah...

now, im still waiting for erin result...ERIN!! i noe u can do better...AS120 is in ur hand...chaiyok2 gurl... and luv u!! (^_^)V


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