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muhasabah diri ini..:)

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Okay, finally …
We are at the last semester girls, more to focus and less to jokes around..:)(really?..hehehe) Struggling zone almost two weeks over after done killing up two killer papers I guess so..Mm..Bio320 and etr300.

As usual, when it comes to final, we must have lot of imagination comes n stumbled in our mind. What was the question? is it difficult? Can I answer it? Can I pass?…argghhh…n the more you think, the more stress you are absolutely. and the shaitaan are always stay beside you  trying to influence you to throw away your book and get your rest n sleep. (I often get into) ya ampunT_T (shosshhh away)….

We need to fully comprehend what is the thing that we aim for?

It is either two, success or failure right.

Most of us and its human fitrah that always need something that is good for us.

But there’s a thing that we must bear in mind that every choice we’ve made was from Allah SWT. yes exactly! Not everything that we wish for will turn out the way we plan it. Sometimes the pain is unbearable but sometimes it is worth the pain.

  • §  You study smart and hard to get excellent carry marks, but when the result comes out you are among the lowest one.
  • §  You study smart and hard, but your friends who always skip from class, playfulness obtain more marks than you.
  • §  You wish to get A+ but at the end you only managed to get A
  • §  You wish to get Dean List but at the end your pointer is just 3.49
  • §  You wish to further study overseas, but you only manage to study at IPTA or IPTS.

When something we really hope for doesn't really suit our desire or plan we will start to argue it and then we questioned every single thing that had happened.

"Tetapi ia adalah mustahil bahawa anda tidak suka kepada sesuatu, sedangkan ia baik bagi kamu, dan kamu menyukai sesuatu sedangkan ia buruk bagi kamu. Allah maha mengetahui dan kamu tidak mengetahui" Al Baqarah (2):216

Why don’t we think that if Allah gives the thing that we want really easily, we will never learnt how to appreciate those kind of blessing He gave us.

Then, why don’t we try to thing it in the most positive way?

You have low carry mark, maybe because Allah wants to test you. Don’t you think, by having those, it will boost you confidence during the final to score more? And who knew, by having higher carry marks it will only make us feel proud of our own self, thus increase the “sifat riak and takjub” that make us become far apart from our most Merciful Creator?


Your friends get highest score than you, and jealousy appears and makes you wandering about how he or she managed to get those score?  Who knows? Maybe he or she, have an intelligent memory or maybe blood flow into their brain more than you, which increase their ability to think and memorize or maybe they eat gingko to enhance their memory (hehehe). POSITIVE… why because of less rezqi that Allah gives to us but huge rezqi to others make us hard to be grateful?

Ask our self and refresh back our niat.:)

Instead of obtaining A+, we get A, at least A, still A right, when we strike we strike for the moon, even we don’t get it we will fall among the stars. Maybe the examiner wrongly checked for your answer, which you actually obtained A+ but he gave you A. But then, you will know that the process of handling this matter requires a lot of time. Hey A pun still 4 jugak lah.

When you are applying for a job, it is crucial for you to know that, it requires and look for your experience rather than your CGPA, even if you are dean list, 3.49, 3.0 or less, as long as you meet the requirement of the job. Then you will do without have to think about the repercussion of not obtaining the dean list. It is just a feeling of satisfaction.

You wish the further engineering at Korea, medical at New York or whatsoever. But did your abilities meet all of the requirement neede, when you go there will you stay the way you are? can you adapt with the culture? can you survive without your parents, family and be homesick for almost 5 years or more? itu pun kalau lepas. kalau tak? renung2 kan grateful cause you still have another place that can accept you. Unikop pun okay apa, as long as you can manage yourself is not the matter, what really matter is your enthusiasm to achive your dream.

we are just Allah slave therefore just obey all HIS rules without any obligation.
Allah will never test us beyond our capabilities.
who are we to turn upside down everything that have been done by Allah..?

ingat lah Allah menilai usaha dan doa kita bukannya apa yang kita harapkan dan kejar2 kan.
Bertawakallah selepas berusaha dan berdoa kerana Allah suka umatNya yang tidak putus memohon kepadaNYA.
janganlah mengeluh dan cepat menyerah sebelum tiba masanya kerana Allah bencikan umatNya yang senang mengaku kalah.
Bagaimanakah mahu mendapat keredhaan sekiranya mudah berputus asa dengan anugerah Allah
ingatlah setiap dari kita tersimpan setiap keistimewaan yang berharga, terokailah ia, gunakanlah dengan sebaiknya.

maka apabila engkau telah selesai (dari sesuatu urusan), tetaplah bekerja keras (untuk urusan yang lain), dan hanya kepada Tuhanmulah engkau berharap." asy-syarh (94) : 7-8 

everything that happen there must be a reason.
life is rarely the way we want it to is just the way it is. 
so fastened your seat belt and enjoy the rocky journey of your life.
remember Allah will always be with you and never leaves you even a single second of your life.
pray consistently.
When Allah say it will be that way.IT WILL ALWAYS BE:) Kun Fayakun...

saya x meminta lebih, cukuplah  setimpal dengan usaha saya.saya bukanlah pandai dan saya bukanlah bodoh saya cuma hamba Allah yang sentiasa percaya apapun yang saya lakukan semuanya berbalik pada DIA yang satu. :")

love erin...

p/s: xkanlah dgn exam sudah mahu menyerah, macamana dengan ujian2 yang lagi besar yang Allah bagi nanti?
bolehkah kita mahu handle sedangkan yang sikit pun sudah setengah mati..ya Allah..make me strong..!!!


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