Sunday, September 4, 2011

cuti sudah habis

Posted by ReenLysa at 2:12 AM
tomorrow we will be going back to our beloved UNIKOP...:")..even though it might sound sad..indeed,it is crucial to know that, it is my responsibilities...:) there's no need to argue,sigh or hate it..

and today already 6 syawal...SALAM 6 SYAWAL...

i was so happy during this 2011 raya..not becoz of the duit raya or the foods..but of course becoz i can gather with all my family members...which makes me felt really grateful and thankful to Allah..amin ya Allah..:')..even its only 6days but the memories i will treasure it forever..

di sini sy selitkan beberapa gambar..:))
sungguh bahagia perasaan ini..:))

tawau airport..mau balik KL sudah saya ni time...;'(


last but not least

maaf zahir batin..:)


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