Friday, July 22, 2011

holiday is over..

Posted by ReenLysa at 1:25 PM seems to be so pathetic..HOLIDAY already ends....

.TODAY FRIDAY..22 JULY 2011..i will be going back to college..:(

wonder why???

tomorrow i will have my KI which stands for kemahiran insaniah..argghh..what the butterfly i guess..??i thought this holiday gonna be a great and wonderful is the most wasting one..even though i bring along my heavy chm n bio books..n i didnt even open it..yeay..!!!such a good job dear erin..

what i just wasting my time downloading songs,online,blogging..but THE MOST INTERESTING ONE..take care of my dearest baby boy..that's the crucial n HAPPY one..Thanks coz HAFIY is right here by my side...:)

now new weeks..more test and quizzes to kill..:)

praying hard that im gonna do it well..

bye2 mid sem break..

GAMBAR HAFIY yang saya ambil..:)

susah benar dia mau senyum..:)


♥ Belle said...

Oh my.. Baby Hafiy is so adorable. Muax!!! *Geram* :)

♥ Belle said...

Dear, can I have your blog email? Cuz, now I've restricted people to read my blog. Soon after I get your email, I'll send an invitation to you so that you can read :)

ReenLysa said... dear...

ReenLysa said...

i know..HAFIY..cute..handsome...:)

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