Saturday, June 18, 2011

we have tongue,they have guard your tongue and watch you words too..

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i don't like people who always makes and give mean comments to others who are doing fault or having unlucky time of his or her are not helping them actually,but you are more likely to destroy them all over again..give them some hope..just guard your mouth and have your prayers with you and pray for them too make faults and others have tongue too...hey,no one in this world are perfect,everyone make a mistake,,even Allah give opportunity to His servant to repent and seek Him,so who are we to judge them by making them going more astray?..if they were too going astray..pull them back to the good and bliss track...we all come from the same Creator...and don't you fear that someday it might be your turn which your lives will be tested in the same manner later on?? or maybe you just want to say that.."oh, it will never happen to me, i act good always..perform religious obligation, Allah will never test me"..okay,you really made that point eagerly and bravely without thinking the consequence...

me myself,are not really typical-nice-girl but it doesnt mean that i am a bad girl..i just like and love to stand for right..i always think everything in positive way even though it seems to be negative, everything happens for a reason,why i write in this blog also have a reason, why i landed here in the middle of busy town also have a reason n why my mom gave birth to me also have a reason,and the slow internet line also have a reason..n to list it all also have a reason..n the reason is just going to continue and it will never stop ..only Allah know what's goin to happen later on...

i read this book before"life is an open secret by Zabrina Abu Bakar" thumbs up...she said that

"By simply speaking good words and practising good values,like being patient,kind,gentle,honest,truthful and respectful-and avoiding bad practices,like backbitting, or being rough and tempramental, we will have a huge advantage on the Day of Judgement,in sha'a Allah"

so guyz,be good to will get the reward soon..i dont have to explain more details about the quotations..u urself a much bigger and have such good IQ to interpret it...:)

.okay,seriously i easily get influenced after reading motivational books and apply it in everyday life,and that things make me even happier in every single days of my life, i try to be good with everyone,even though they are not-so-good to me...but who cares,as long as i do my job as a good human..that's enough and i just pray that someday they will be more wise in living their life..isn't that good dear friends?...never take things for granted,and never all works sincerely only then you will feel the serenity n bliss...Allah always with you...

i just wish that everyone in this world are the real muslimin and muslimah..i just hope they act just like what Allah told us to be..but if everything is good, so why there must be HELL and HEAVEN..if everything run smoothly in this life..there should only be HEAVEN..even the sinner will going to that's why Allah created both heaven and hell so that human will choose which path in this life they are actually heading to...and of course everyone wants heaven..but are you qualify to enter it..think about myself are still insecure about it..insyaAllah i will...:) 

i just amused with all the good words i have write here..but it just me...

and i love this quotes too

"the one who know the dunya would find disaster easy to bear"ZA

love erin...:)


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