Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mothers day..:)

Posted by ReenLysa at 3:06 PM
8 may 2011..:)

mother's out is your day...
n for my MOM..Puan Sabariah..

happy mother's day mak..


i know,you hv faced lots of trouble while im still kids.

i still remember the way you comb and tied my hair whenever i want to go to school..

pray for my luck n success whenever im having my exam..

help me whenever i have a problems

when im sulk you always find way to cheer me up..

as i grow up we getting to know each other much better

and we were just like besties..

share almost about everything..:)

and you are the best comforter ever mak..:)

10 fingers of mine,with two hands i have..i ask for your forgiveness mak..i know i have done too many mistakes..n its uncountable..:'(..

i hope..Allah will always bless you mak in this life and afterlife too..

let's walk through the right path of our beautiful life..may Allah bless us throughout the journey of our life..
and hopefully we will be together in Allah PARADISE....amin..:)

i love you mak..:)

love erin


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