Friday, February 4, 2011

funny me

Posted by ReenLysa at 3:24 PM

yesterday,we(along,kak ainul n erin) went to sunway pyramid...juz to round n round da mall..but we didnt buy anything pun..theres a lots of people in sunway Chinese new year..p pelik juga..chinese peoples pun ada kat ctu..they didnt celebrate CNY ka..hehe..but who cares..even during raya puasa pun byk org g shopping mall..okey..walked n walked..the we stopped by da hartz chicken buffet restaurant for having our lunch..haha..evendo its oredi 5pm i guess...we ate a cream,fried chicken,salad,fruits n so on..fuhh..n im really full..i jz wish i can bring all da foods home..n we took somi pitca there..only mine can be showed here...hehe..take a look..


okey..done..then after makan2 suma.. kmi pun g la jalan2..n then along asked me to buy perfume at body shop..huhu..i dun want actually coz it so expensives..n i rarely use expensive perfume...rm5 perfume is enuf..hhaa..key..after entered da body shop..i n kak ainul test da perfume..sprayed..looked at da price Rm49.90...what da butterfly...??n then i went out n saw along n told him dat i dunt want to buy it..coz it jz too expensive for me..50 divide by 5..i cud get 10 perfume for Rm50..haha..later..along gave kak ainul rm50 n told her to buy it for shamed i was...+_+..however..thx along...hehe..n kak ainul too..

n it was jz so funny bcoz dis was da first time i hv a perfume..means expensive perfume??expensive kah??haha..evendo it cost only rm50..i think it was so epensive for me to hv a perfume like dat..yala..everyone noe dat im da jimat person..haha..looking for da cheapest n worth things one of my traits..warisi dr my mom mgkin..dont laugh at me k..dis is true..i hv notin to do wif branded things except there was a  sale..haha..only then i borong all da branded stuff...^^ yala..i need to saving money ba..

LOve ErinBacho


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