Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gaining more+_+

Posted by ReenLysa at 8:50 PM
What did i gain?n so waht did lia gain??
new friends?
new knowledge?
of course not..
we gain another kilo's was so sad n really sad as i thought i eat da same amount of foods weighing my weight and extra plus plus kilo's added..

so what shud i do now??
i shud control my saying says

breakfast like a king
lunch like a princess
dinner like a beggar

can i do it??
nothing impossible in this life right..
everytime i meet my friends they will said that im fat..what the butterfly??huh
they make me felt down,down and down..
but i kept patient zaireen..sabar is the answer..

so..i give some opinion to lia..that are..
  1. fasting on monday and thursday
  2. eat during lunch only
  3. exercising more if possible
hopefully we can achive it..chaiyok2....^^..


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