Sunday, September 26, 2010

Here We Are!!

Posted by ReenLysa at 4:23 PM
Annyong hashimnigga ...^_^...dis is da 1st post we gonna write after struggle to finish editing our us introduce some info about ourselves..okay..both of us come from BORNEO...Lia is sarawakian and Erin is sabahan..Both of us are currently studying over the sea..far from our hometown..haha...(guess it by urself la)...^_^...taking Dip in Office Management(Lia) n Dip in Science(Erin)...we hv known each other since da 1st semester we enrolled here..but we are ot close enough for da last 2 sem..n only now we are CRAZY CHIN-GU...doin so many crazy things together...its really fun..amazing..n tiring...huh +_+..however..its a gud experiences we ever had..n hv not done yet..there's still a lots of thing we want to do...haha...we will list it then...jz to make sure dat it will be fullfil..aim high ya!!!We now hv the heart of 19...still young n cute..^_^..
that's all...^_^

you shud appreciate every "time" in ur live..dont jz let it gone by time cuz u never have a chance to bring it back..Everyday..Everytime is ur life to the fullest without neglecting ur responsibilities...^_^..


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